Applied Acoustic Systems Release Ultra Analog VA-3


AAS have released the brand new Ultra Analog VA-3 at a special Intro Price of $149 !

About the new Ultra Analog VA-3 :

This new version of Ultra Analog is now two-voice multitimbral,includes a completely redesigned browser, powerful tweaking withmidi-controlled mappings, a library with more than 500 new sounds by renowned sound designers, and more…

At the heart of Ultra Analog are the best alias free oscillators of the industry, featuring standard wave shapes, hard sync, sub oscillators and integrated pitch envelopes for the most impressive evolving and dynamic analog tone you ever heard.

ULTRA ANALOG VA-3 AND PACKS is a bundle of the Ultra Analog VA-3 and its 15 associated Sound Packs. There are more than 2950 professionally crafted presets in this bundle for you to explore.

There are 15 Sound Packs full of glorious sounds made especially for the ULTRA ANALOG VA-3. Each of them are full of exciting sounds for you to discover and get the very best results from your ULTRA ANALOG VA-3.

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