Blue Cat Audio releases Destructor 1.5 update


Blue Cat’s Destructor can create any kind of distortion. The updated version 1.5 is on sale, at $79!

Blue Cat’s Destructor actually goes to 11… !

It is delivered with hundreds of presets and predefined models, totally inspired by all kinds of gear (guitar & bass amps or cabinets, compressors, pedals, tape machines…)

Thanks to its exclusive adaptive shaper, it reacts to your playing, providing a very natural feel, just like analog gear.

What’s New in Destructor v1.5 :

  • New tone explorer with presets morphing: explore presets on predefined or custom visual maps, and morph tones in 2 dimensions to create unique new sounds easily.
  • Added more than 100 factory “tone maps” for the new tone explorer.
  • New presets (and sub-presets) browser with built-in search.
  • New guitar factory presets: classic guitar amps, metal and signature guitar presets.
  • New bass guitar factory presets, including 45 new bass cabinet models.
  • Performance improvement: the user interface now only loads modules that are visible.
  • Changing the slope of lowpass and highpass filters in pre and post filters is now smoother.

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