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Nomad P&M IRCAM New Websites 2019

Eric Nolot, CEO at DontCrack and Plugivery Distribution discusses the companies, “NEW” Nomad Factory, P&M and ircamLAB websites, and much more…

Today, I want to share useful information about our company so you know what’s going on and what we’re doing to provide better services to our partners and our customers globally. I’ll also answer questions you might have in mind about the Nomad Factory product line below. But let me start from the beginning.

As you probably know, DontCrack is an independent and self financed company that has grown over the years to become a group of companies that include Plugivery Distribution, Nomad Factory and Plug & Mix. Plugivery distributes over 50 brands of plug-ins that we now make available to thmoousands of resellers around the world.

Our priority has always been, from the very beginning of our venture, to support promising audio plug-in developers by making their products available to musicians and producers worldwide. DontCrack was the very first company to list and sell audio software online via instant electronic fulfillment services, all the way back in 2006. At the time, there was no FaceBook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.

In the first years, we received many requests from resellers worldwide that asked if they could have access to our partner’s products and sell them in their stores which we gladly did by providing stock manually. As the demand grew, we needed better tools to fulfill licenses 24/7. We therefore built and designed Plugivery Distribution from scratch and we went live in December 2014.

A few months later, we lost a close friend and long time partner, Bernie Torelli, CEO at Nomad Factory that sadly passed away after fighting against cancer for over 2 years. Many of you surely remember those times where we were running crazy promos to pay for Bernie’s indecent hospital bills. We received amazing support from our community and Bernie had all possible treatments till the very end. It was incredible and I’m still today, very emotional when I think of those times…

Bernie’s will was that we take over the company and keep the product lines alive which we did. We hired the developers and finalized the first year, 5 amazing products that Bernie had initiated: Bus Driver, Drum Tools, Garbage LSD, Analog Studio Rack and 80s Spaces.

Why am I writing all of this today you might ask? Well, simply because I want to clarify a few things and answer a few questions that came in lately. These past months I happened to come across a few threads on forums and social media where people were stating that the Nomad Factory line is dead and that no updates will be made available in the future.

I surely understand that things might not look so good. We haven’t launched new products or updates this year, and the Nomad Factory website hasn’t been updated since we acquired the company (for technical reasons). I guess that is enough for people to speculate on the death of the company…

Well here are a few exciting news that I want to share with you today. I am proud to announce that our web team have been hard at work these past months and years. They developed an amazing new system that allow us to build original websites for any of our partners brands on the fly. We quietly went live with three new web stores these past weeks for the brands Plug & Mix, ircamLAB and of course Nomad Factory. The site’s design will improve as we finalize our media database with more visual content, videos, SoundCloud audio demos and much more.

We are also actively working on porting all Nomad Factory and Plug & Mix plug-ins to our new framework. This takes a lot of time but you will freak out when you see the results that should see the day from Q1 2020. We’re redesigning all GUIs, ameliorating the effects (while being backward compatible) and much more. New Nomad and P&M products are also on the way…

So as you can see, we’re clearly not letting the company go down the drain. Porting plug-ins to a new framework is not an easy thing to do and it costs a fortune. We had to hire experienced developers that are doing their best to port the complete product line that now counts hundreds of plug-ins. Magma alone counts 65 plug-ins that all need to be ported individually into the new framework. It is a huge job, but we’re on it. This will also solve, most not to say all, compatibility issues that have been reported over the years. All upcoming products will be compatible with the new “Catalina” OS system on Mac.

And best of all, we won’t charge anyone for the upgrades. We’ve always supported the product lines and we’ll continue to do so… So please be patient and we’ll do our best to launch these major updates as soon as possible.

To celebrate the official launch of the new websites, we decided to run the “Biggest Promo Ever”, exclusively on the Nomad Factory, Plug & Mix and ircamLab websites, through September 30, 2019 !

By purchasing any products during the promo, you will greatly contribute in keeping the product lines up to date. Be sure that all products will be ported asap and that we won’t charge you for these major updates.

Sincerely yours,

Eric Nolot
President and CEO

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