Voxengo release “r8brain PRO” sampler rate converter


R8brain PRO is a professional sample rate converter, designed to deliver unprecedented quality!

Unlike other existing SRC algorithms available on the market, r8brain PRO implements sample rate conversion processing in its full potential: interpolation and decimation steps without exploiting any kind of simplifications; the signal is resampled in a multi-step manner using a series of least common multiple sample rates which makes conversion perfect – both in signal-to-noise and timing precision aspects. Such whole number-factored SRC can be considered a golden standard in sample rate conversion as it is not subject to jitter and timing errors.

See more details at the product page…

Features :

  • Mono, stereo and multi-channel support
  • Linear-phase and minimum-phase modes
  • Selectable output signal bandwidth
  • Automatic peak normalization
  • Full WAV file support
  • RF64 file support
  • Broadcast wave extension support
  • Markers and loops support
  • Wave64, AIFF support (on input only)
  • Multi-threaded batch conversion
  • 64-bit floating point processing
  • Standard sample rates support

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