Melda Production’s MDynamicsMB on sale at half price


Multiband dynamic processing can do things that would otherwise be impossible. If you are looking for a tool, which not only sounds great, but is extremely versatile, MDynamicsMB is the ultimate all-in-one solution!

About MDynamicsMB :

MDynamicsMB can split the input into 6 bands, providing analog crossovers with up to 120dB/oct separation, linear-phase and hybrid crossovers. What you do with each of these bands is up to you.

Each band can do it all. It can be a compressor, expander, gate, any combination, or you can even draw your own processing shape for more creative effects. Add integrated parallel compression, full channel linkin, up to 8 channel surround processing plus much more and MMultiBandDynamics becomes the ultimate tool for multi-band dynamics.

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