Rob Papen announce Punch 2


Punch-2 offers even more drum synthesis models and a new main screen for quickly creating new drum kits.

About Punch 2 :

Using a combination of drum synthesis/samples and a built-in pattern sequencer to trigger beats has made Punch a unique drum machine and loved by many upon its first release!

The interface and the synthesis sound options have been greatly expanded.  In addition to importing your own samples, Punch-2 now allows importing of REX files for your own loop creation.  Map out REX files or sample slices to individual pads and combine these creatively with the sounds & pattern sequencer found inside Punch-2!  Further editing of REX files or Sliced pads is also possible, using filters, envelopes, or routing into one of the 4 FX modules – you can even apply granular synthesis on the REX and Slice pads!

Feature-wise there is almost too much to mention here!  For instance, there is a full new ‘Master’ section with EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Stereo/mono split filter, and layout mixer and a vast amount of included sounds.

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