Rob Papen announce XY-Transfer


XY panel is capable of adding dynamic changes to a sound. It gives you total control over a huge range of effects!

About XY-Transfer :

If you are familiar with the RP instruments, you already know how the XY panel is capable of adding dynamic changes to a sound.  Now you can use their exciting XY-panel on it’s own in combination with a wide range of effects!

Imagine a Filter Bank with 36 different Filter types and an XY-panel which can be recorded and played back in several different ways.  Then, imagine that you can use it in combination with 2 other FX, which also have their own XY-pad and a flexible Stereo Delay!

Imagine using the Lo-Fi effect combined with a Comb Filter and an analog modeled filter – each with its own XY pad and topped off by the Stereo Delay.

The unique thing about XY-Transfer is that each ‘BLOCK’ which holds one of the FX, also has its own XY-field creating very complex and yet unheard effect combinations.??The available Block effects are: – Filter Bank – | – Comb Filter – | – Shaper – | – Room – and – Gater -.

These effects can be combined in these blocks and the Stereo Delay which can also be placed in different combinations within with these 3 blocks.

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