SONNOX “November Sale” Promo


The SONNOX product line is now on promo where you can save up to 50%. Here is your chance to pick up these must-have plug-ins.

About SONNOX Plug-ins :

The Sonnox story started with the software engineers making plug-ins with the exact sound of the legendary EQs and Dynamics of their famous Sony Oxford digital mixing desk. The Desk itself was VERY expensive when it was first launched and it sounded magical. Everyone wanted that quality.

Well today until the 10th of July at midnight you can have the world class Sony Oxford sound for a tiny fraction of what it cost 10 years ago and at half the cost it was one week ago.

Here is what top engineer Kevin Killen who has amassed some impressive engineering credits along the way, from David Bowie’s swansong Blackstar and Lazarus cast album, to recording U2′s Unforgettable Fire in Slane Castle has to say about Sonnox plug-ins:

“It’s like your favorite guitar. You know it makes a beautiful sound, and that’s how I feel about Sonnox Plug-Ins – they’re tried and true.”

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