XLN AUDIO announce XO Lite


Get the revolutionary beat making and drum sample exploration tool XO at a lower price point !

About XO Lite :

XO collects all your one-shot drum samples and sorts them by similarity. Every single sample is represented by a colored dot in XO’s Space interface. Here you can sweep through your sounds seamlessly, regardless of file format or where they are stored. When you find something you like, XO allows you to browse similar-sounding samples easily.

XO comes with its own integrated sequencer and sound editor. Any sound you find in XO Space quickly loads into and updates your beat. Quickly tweak individual samples or the whole kit with built-in features like Sample Edit, Pan, Envelope, Pitch and EQ, and effects like Distortion, Delay, and Reverb. XO’s groove templates and accentuation tools allow you to modify and tweak your beats to perfection quickly. When you have created a groove or set of samples, drag & drop with ease straight into your DAW or OS as WAV or MIDI.

XO Lite is a fast, fun and inspiring new instrument that will have you making awesome beats in no time.

The differences between XO and XO Lite:

  • Factory content – XO Lite comes with an essential selection of factory samples and presets.
  • Export – XO Lite will only export unprocessed one-shots as WAV and beat as MIDI.
  • Output – XO Lite has only 1 stereo master output bus.
  • File formats – XO Lite only supports the most commonly used file formats, WAV, and AIFF.

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