AAS release Masala 2 Soundbank for String Studio VS-3

AAS - Masala 2 - Launch Promo Jan 2020

Heat Up Your Music with the Flavourful Organic Sounds of Masala 2, from Applied Acoustics Systems.

On promo with all String Studio VS-3 products, bundles and libraries, until Feb. 25th.

Following up on the highly flavourful Masala, resident sound designer Christian Laffitte cooks up a second collection of 100 spicy, unique, and delicious new sounds exploring the full capabilities of String Studio VS-3.

At its core, Masala 2 imparts the feel of playing a genuine instrument with tremendous organic authenticity. With colors ranging from the very roots of the human race to downright obscure and experimental, the enigmatic Masala 2 heats up any music endeavour.

Excite your palette with hot, tangy, and uncommon sounds from around the globe and beyond to fulfill your craving for originality.

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