AAS release Tropical Jam with Strum GS-2 Promos !


Your Own Slice of Caribbean Paradise. AAS release Tropical Jam for Strum GS-2 and AAS Player !

Tropical Jam

Applied Acoustics Systems releases the Tropical Jam sound pack* for the Strum GS-2 and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with resident sound designer Niall McCallum.

Paying respect to the legends of reggae and dub—from the heavily rhythmic finger-work of Sly & Robbie and Bob Marley & The Wailers to the booming sound system aesthetics of King Tubby and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry—Tropical Jam features 12 styles, 84 guitar presets, and 84 strumming patterns playable with your own chord progressions. Slow down the tempo and reach for your shades!

*Also included in the “Libraries” pack.

Features :

  • 12 styles
  • 84 presets
  • 84 strumming patterns

What Else is On Promo ?

Through April 7th, you can save on all Strum GS-2 sound packs (only $19 each), plus the Strum GS-2 virtual instrument (50% off) and bundle ($165) with all packs!

  • Strum GS-2 – Acoustic and Electric Guitars Virtual Instrument.
  • Strum GS-2 +PACKS – Includes all 7 packs below, and the new Tropical Jam.
  • Take 3 – Odd Time Signature Grooves.
  • Power Chords – High Energy. From Classic Rock to Metal to Industrial.
  • Pop Rocks – Rock out with Pop-infused Acoustic and Electric Guitar goodness.
  • Latin Vibes – Modern Latin sounds, with groove and sensuality.
  • Good Folks – Explore the world of Contemporary Folk music.
  • Funky Cat – Get your Funk On.
  • Blue Rhythms – Soulful Blues Rhythms of the 70′s.

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