Kuassa Efektor Week Sale 2020 has started


Kuassa’s Efektor guitar pedal Series is on promo starting today for one week only !

About Kuassa’s Efektor guitar pedal Series

Since its first release July 2017, the Efektor series has gained lots of attention for the quality of their guitar pedal emulations. There are now 10 devices Efektor devices and more coming soon.

Efektor devices are Kuassa’s culmination of the latest DSP research made after studying an extensive collection of 100+ electronic schemas of most sought after guitar effect pedals. They looked at the actual hardware units, then grouped them into each categories so each device can accurately emulate the sound of most of available guitar effect pedals on the market; Distortions, Modulations, Time Based, Dynamic, Filter, Equalization and Room emulations.

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