Today is Dynamic Range Day


Dynamic Range is perhaps the most important subject for any sound engineer these days ! Join the webcast, Check it out now !

About Dynamic Range Day

The so-called “Loudness Wars” is entirely based on a modern myth – a fairytale full of nonsense that has somehow hypnotized the entire music industry for the last ten years – and is permanently damaging the music we listen to as a result. Learn more at the dRD website.

You may also want to learn more about compression by viewing Ian Shepherd’s Q&A and live streams from his YouTube channel.

There are many compressor / limiter plug-ins on the market that can help you stay in the perfect (LUFS) zone for your mixing and mastering projects.

But, keep in mind that these great compressors / limiters have not been designed to make your music sound LOUDER, to the contrary. They are amazing tools, ONLY if you use them to “control” the dynamic range of the audio signal…

Check out all the Compressors/Limiters on the DontCrack store many are at Special pricing for the Dynamic Range Day and the following weekend.

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