Rob Papen release three new bundles


The new EDM-X, URBAN-X and SoundDesign-X bundles are on sale starting from $149.

About the New Rob Papen Bundles :

  • EDM-X Bundle provides a spectacular line-up of virtual synths and effects plug-ins for contemporary EDM music. It includes Predator 2, RAW, RAW-Kick, XY-Transfer and RP-AMOD (after registration of the bundle).
  • URBAN-X Bundle features 5 virtual synths and effects plug-ins designed to inspire and speed up the process of Urban music creation It includes SubBoomBass-2, Punch-2, Punch-BD, MasterMagic and RP-AMOD (after registration of the bundle).
  • SoundDesign-X Bundle has original and innovative virtual synths and Rob Papen has produced uniquely original effects plug-ins that are designed specifically for electronic music production. It includes BLUE-II, Punch-2 and Punch (because of Prisma), Punch-BD, Blade and RP-AMOD plus Prisma (after registration of the bundle).

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