Audified release VocalMint


Audified has released VocalMint, a new one knob valve saturation shaper specially designed for vocals. Special intro price of $29 !

About VocalMint

Learning to use VocalMint Saturator is a matter of seconds. Yet under the surface this plug-is a powerful beast. It does not only saturate your track, but it also shapes it using its pre-tuned algorithms.

Valve saturation is not a linear phenomenon and therefore neither the taper of the VocalMint is linear. It is cleverly optimized for mixing human voice and it is exceptionally usable across the whole range of the knob.

Pre-tuned shaping – Audified did the research for you. Building on music production experiences, they’ve carefully picked the whole saturation chain including equalization and voilá. All you have to do is turn the knob and enjoy the results. The EQ shaping starts subtle but becomes increasingly more powerful when adding saturation by turning the knob clockwise.

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