Remix Audio Data In Real Time with Internet Co. F-REX


Remix Audio Data In Real Time. Internet Co. “F-REX”, on promo at 50% off through April 30th !

F-REX can analyze any sound that’s being played in real time into the three parameters ‘Gain’, ‘Frequency’ and ‘Panning’ and graphically visualize them.

You can independently control the inside and the outside area of the specific part, and focus in on it using panning and frequency. You can apply effects (compressor and reverb) to the inside and the outside area and adjust volume and panning intuitively.

These functions allow you to ‘deconstructed songs’. F-REX can find a specific sound in the song, for example a vocal part and minimize its volume. Noise-cancelling can be done as well. Boosting volume on specific instruments can make its sound more clearly audible, making learning a song far easier. F-REX can be used for various purposes and you can produce unique remixes.

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