Xhun Audio release 3 new Little One Expansions


Xhun Audio release Lone Raiders, Tribe Tronics and Mono Scapes for their Little One Analog Synth!

Lone Raiders

Lone Raiders is a collection of multi-genre presets specially designed to boost up solo parts in your musical productions. This inspiring library features a set of deep, powerful, monophonic analogue leads, cutting-edge basses, full-flavored sequences and pads, synthesized drums and percussions, distorted polyphonic keys and stabs. All the fuel you need for damned handsome solos!

Mono Scapes

Mono Scapes is a collection of presets featuring monophonic motions leads, evolving sound effects, evocative sequences and single-key gated lines. This library is specially suited for Electronic, Ambient and New Age compositions. It’s a source of inspiring musical ideas – just use all the new presets and sequences, or tweak them to find your sound!

Tribe Tronics

Tribe Tronics will play a central role in your next Experimental Techno and EDM productions! This fourth installment of a series (after Electro Punks, Tension Peaks and Hot Circuits) is a collection of deeply rhythmic sequences, modular-style construction kits, analogue-distorted leads and processed, synthetic drums and percussions.

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