GRM Tools Classic 3 on promo at over -60% Off


GRM Tools Classic 3 at only $79. The required bundle for creative musicians and sound designers !

GRM Tools Classic is an inescapable bundle of eight audio plug-ins that offers powerful audio processing and creative sound design features.

From subtle audio corrections to the most creative sound effects, GRM Tools classic have been used by renowned artists and sound designers around the world.

GRM Tools Classic contains:

  • Comb Filters: five high-Q in-parallel comb filters
  • Delays: Up to 128 delays with modulation
  • Doppler: Move sounds with changes in pitch that correspond to their movement
  • Band Pass: Band pass or band reject filter with exceptionally steep slopes
  • Freeze: Temporal freeze made of loops
  • Shuffling: Temporal shuffling of sound fragments
  • Pitch Accum: Two independent transposers, with delays and modulation
  • Reson: up to 128 resonating high-pass, low-pass or band-pass filters

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