EarMaster 7 now available at DontCrack !


The Number 1 Music Theory Trainer for All Musicians. EarMaster 7 on promo at $39, now available !

An ideal tool for your ear training, sight-singing practice and rhythm training at any skill level!

EarMaster is the #1 music theory trainer for all musicians who want to get better skills, from beginner level to very advanced.

Included Training Modes:

  • Beginner’s Course (219 lessons)
  • General Workshops (14 workshops)
  • Jazz workshops (14 workshops)
  • Customized Exercises (12 activities)

Features :

With more than 2500 interactive lessons, EarMaster covers all the core aspects of ear training, sight-singing and rhythm training. Perfect for AP Music Theory, ABRSM, RCM, Trinity, Rockschool, and more…

You will learn to:

  • Sight-sing melodies off musical scores
  • Sing back melodies you just heard
  • Clap back rhythms you just heard
  • Sing on pitch
  • Transcribe music by ear
  • Play in rhythm and with precise timing
  • Recognize chords, intervals, scales and cadences by ear
  • Learn the specificity of Jazz harmony and Swing
  • Used by the best music schools worldwide

Developed in close partnership with music theory experts from several universities, EarMaster enables you to improve your skills with the exact same exercises that you would meet in the best music schools.

So if you are serious about your musical skills, don’t waste one more minute and get started with EarMaster. Because if you can hear it, you can play it!

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