Get Audified new Sphene LE at ONLY $2…

Audified-Sphene Pro--Launch-June-2020 $2

Audified release Sphene LE & PRO – High-Gain Bass Module

Are you underwhelmed by a conventional virtual bass gear? Dig no deeper! Audified has the gemsTone you may be searching for.

Produce polished yet unique and cutting-edge, contemporary distorted bass guitar tones to help make heavy grooves stand out. Thanks to smart tone shaping and proprietary sound aesthetics with pedal-like familiarity fit for today’s metal sub-genres, get that high-gain, distorted, palm-muted, low-pitch “Djent” guitar sound.

What’s the difference between Sphene LE & PRO versions ?

The main difference between the LE and PRO versions is that Sphene LE only has 1 amp and 1 cab, whereas Sphene PRO offers 5 amps and 5 cabs to choose from.

Sphene LE is available at ONLY $2. We tried it and we think it’s amazing for the price…

If you love the way it sounds and you want even more great tones, move up to the PRO version at $69.

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