Kuassa Efektor Custom Bundle & FREE Amplifikation !

Kuassa-Efektor-Custom-Bundle-and-Free Amplifikation-June-2020-Promo

Buy The Efektor Custom Bundle, Choose Any Amplifikation for “FREE” !

Celebrating Kuassa’s Amplifikation 360 Release, they are offering one FREE Amp for customers who purchase their Efektor Custom Bundle between Friday, June 19th to July 5th, 2020.

Choose between any; Amplifikation Creme, Amplifikation Vermilion, Cerberus Bass Amp, Amplifikation Caliburn, or Amplifikation Matchlock, as the 6th product.

The free Amp will be available as the 6th slot (rather than the usual five slots of Efektor) when redeeming the Efektor Custom Bundle serial at their member area…

Awesome right !

Here’s to get the Free Amp for your Efektor Custom Bundle Purchase :

  • Look for Order ID/Serial Code when you purchase Efektor Custom Bundle with a format like this: ABC123456-1234-12345.
  • Create a new account at https://member.kuassa.com if you haven’t yet.
  • Click on [Register New Product] and enter you’re [Order ID / Serial Code].
  • When your [Order ID / Serial Code] are valid. There will be a message that your registration is successful.
  • There will be five empty slots that you can redeem a license for current or future Efektor products anytime you wish. [Kuassa Efektor Custom A – Kuassa Efektor Custom E].
  • The free Amp will be available as the 6th slot titled [Kuassa Amplifikation Custom A].
  • Choose [Redeem] from one of the empty slots, to redeem one of your chosen product(s) you wish.
  • After successfully adding the products, the green button [Redeem] will change into [Download]. Then you can download your license anytime you wish. Click the blue [Download] button to save your License File(s) and use it to authorize your plug-ins.
  • See https://www.kuassa.com/custom-bundle-redeem/ for instruction with pictures.

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