Audified release ToneSpot ComputerMusic

ToneSpot ComputerMusic July 2020

Great new ToneSpot plug-in with original Computer Music magazine presets !

About ToneSpot ComputerMusic

Improves the tone of any stringed acoustic or electric instruments, drums and voice, no matter whether recorded or computer-generated.

ToneSpot CM will help any computer-based music enthusiast to get the quick results one strives for. It delivers exactly the same sound quality and exactly the same amount of processing power as products from our Pro series, but without any need for detailed controls. This streamlined preset-based mixing method allows you to get the sweet spot of your tone super-fast.


  • Computer Music Presets – 37 unique presets for mixing both recorded and computer-generated sources and instruments, created in collaboration with the world-renowned magazine.
  • Included in presets the plug-in offers multiple shaping EQs, Valve Saturation, multiple Compressors, Delay, Reverb, Modulation and our special Finalizer.
  • AGC – An automatic gain control included in both input and output sections for setting the signal level to the plug-in’s 0 dBVU.
  • Mod Sync – Synchronizes modulation effects included in presets with your DAW’s BPM setting.
  • Tempo Sync – Synchronizes time-based effects included in presets with your DAW’s BPM setting.
  • Analog-like VU meter – Can be set to display Input, Output or Gain reduction values.

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