Toontrack release Progressive Fusion MIDI

Toontrack Progressive Fusion MIDI August 2020 Release

Drum grooves and fills for progressive rock and fusion – with an edge!

In some genres, a repetitive and sturdy backbeat is all a song calls for. In others, quite the opposite is what’s required. Much like jazz, both progressive rock and fusion definitely belong to that latter category. It has the drummer in the driver’s seat, steering the entire band at breakneck speed through the tricky passages, hairpin bends and serpentine roads that often make up the songs.

If you’re in the market for complex rhythms riddled with syncopations, rudiments, ostinato patterns, punctuations and whatever else that may fit within the confines of eight bars of drums, you’re in for a treat. In simpler terms: this is drum MIDI – as busy as can be. Let the ghost note galore begin!

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