Wave Arts Power Suite 6 half price promo

WaveArts-Power Suite-Sept-2020

Power Suite 6, Waves Arts bundle of their most impressive plug-ins is on sale for one week only !

Dr. Bill Gardner the founder of Waves Arts earned his Ph.D. from the MIT Media Lab, and before that spent 7 years developing software and signal processing algorithms at Kurzweil Music Systems.

For over 20 years now Wave Arts have refined their critically acclaimed audio plug-ins that are definitely now at the top of their class. They feature outstanding sound quality, exceptional CPU efficiency, stunning visual interface design, world class customer support, and tremendous value for the money.

Power Suite 6 consists of the following plug-ins:

  • TrackPlug 6 – The ultimate channel strip plug-in
  • MasterVerb 6 – A multiple algorithm reverb that covers all the bases
  • FinalPlug 6 – A professional peak limiter/volume maximizer with extensive bit depth truncation and dither options
  • MultiDynamics 6 – A powerful multiband dynamics processor useful for mastering, noise reduction, volume maximization, sound design, and more
  • Panorama 6 – A specialized tool for creating stunningly realistic 3-D audio scenes using regular stereo sound.

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