New Xhun Audio products released today

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A Creative Reverb, Expansions for LittleOne and ResonHeart, and a New Bundle

Xhun Audio have proudly released a selection of new products today; a reverb plug-in, expansion packs, as well as a new bundle.

See below for all the details…

A Creative Reverb Processor

  • ShineVerb on promo at $49 until Oct 19th, 9AM CET (List: $65)
  • ShineVerb is a creative tool specially designed for reverberation, spatialization and sound coloration purposes. This multi-device effects processor is composed by a set of modeled analogue gears and digital devices, arranged inside a rack-mount cabinet and accessible through a simple and easy to use interface.

2 Expansions for LittleOne :

  • Retro Snaps $25
  • Retro Snaps is the second of a series, a spiritual successor to Analog Fists expansion. This library features a collection of both modern and vintage presets, recommended for those who want to push LittleOne’s raw analogue core up to the limits, without relying on effects processors. For authentic analogue gears enthusiasts.

  • Analog Fists $25
  • Analog Fists is a collection of presets expressly designed to unleash all the raw, analogue potential of LittleOne synthesizer. Specially suited for Electronic compositions, this library features a large set of vintage, cutting-edge monophonic leads, deep synthetic basses and much more. Unleash the power of the beast !

1 Expansion for ResonHeart

  • Woodcraft Kits $25
  • Woodcraft Kits is a special sound design toolkit for ResonHeart. This library features a collection of presets, each affecting only a specific section of the whole tone generator. Multiple presets can be loaded and combined together, making the sound design process much simpler and immediate on this original acoustic instrument.

A New Bundle

  • XA Complete Bundle $230
  • The XA Complete Bundle includes all Xhun Audio Virtual Instruments: LittleOne, IronAxe, ResonHeart, and the new ShineVerb creative reverb plug-in.

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