ZenDAW proudly announce WINGS

WINGS - Oct Promo

Control your Bitwig Studio DAW from any physical touchscreen device !

” The Best Shortcut to Bitwig Studio “

WINGS is on promo today, at just $29 until October 18th, as well as ZenDAW the touchscreen software for Steinberg’s Cubase/Nundo DAWs.

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WINGS is a powerful touch workspace designed to control Bitwig Studio DAW from any physical touchscreen found on the market.

WINGS smart scripts gives you access to over 170 of the most used Bitwig Studio key commands and functions. All of them available to control with the tip of your finger.

Commands are located EXACTLY where one would expect them to be on a touchscreen Monitor for Windows OS platforms without having to think about it. It preserves the artist’s inspiration thanks to an improved technical workflow.

Ready to use gesture assignments cover most commands performed by users, such as: Clip and Scene Launch, Convert Tracks, Transport functions, Zooming, Track Scaling, Arrange, Mix and Edit window navigation, Detail Editor, Automation Editor, Device Panel, and Mixer Panel window toggling, etc.

Users will find tons of clearly organized direct commands, in well designed menus that cover most actions used all the time from a simple “touch” on the screen. It feels so natural and intuitive…

* A 16″ to 24″ Full HD Touchscreen Monitor is recommended to use WINGS. Larger screens have proven to work perfectly well also.

“WINGS is an incredibly intuitive software from ZenDAW, that has helped speed my recording and mixing sessions exponentially.”

“I can template my favorite BitWig key commands for quick access, and have tons more available at a quick touch I didn’t even know I needed till now built in! 10/10, well done ZenDAW!”

- User Quotes -

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