FLUX:: announce all products Major Update 20.12.


A major update for Spat Revolution and stability / compatibility update for all products

SPAT Revolution 20.12 is the software solution for meeting the challenge of real-time 3D-Audio mixing and post-production today. It provides a complete tool-set for sound design, audio for VR-engines, movie/cinema audio mixing, live and installation sound (theaters, live performances, museums etc).

The latest versions of Windows and macOS, including official Catalina, Big Sur (Intel, and Apple notarization support) are now available for download via Flux:: Center.

20.12 is a Free upgrade to owners of a valid perpetual license and for active subscribers.

A new FLUX:: Center is now available, which includes a “my products only” view that filters based on the users active iLok licenses, and only shows the installers for their products. For this to work a FLUX:: user account, linked to a user’s iLok account, is required.

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