Metric Halo Production Bundle V 3.1 released

Metric Halo Sale Ver 3.1

Metric Halo release Production Bundle 3.1 with increased GUI performance

This version avoids all the heavy CPU usage within the macOS graphic frameworks and provides great graphics performance on all supported versions of macOS.

In addition to the massive increase in graphics performance this release includes the following changes across all the plugin formats (AAX, AU and VST):

  • All UIs have been updated for Retina displays
  • All UIs have darker bold text
  • The graphics have been refined
  • The layout of some of the plugins has been improved
  • The tool tips have been improved for readability
  • The UIs for Dirty Delay and HaloVerb have been enlarged a bit
  • There are some intermittent bugs that have been resolved
  • The Drive and Gain for the Character section of DirtyDelay are now interpolated
  • AAX and VST EQs are now properly 64-bit (AU has always been this way)
  • All AAX plugins manage the coefficient reset correctly, so that offline bounces and AudioSuite rendering does not require a pre-roll to avoid the filter sweeping effect anymore (this worked correctly in AU and VST before, so this change only applies to AAX)

Get the Free 3.1 download HERE

Verified to load and work properly on all versions of macOS from 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) – 11.2 (Big Sur)* for AAX, AU and VST.

* Note; These are currently built for Intel, and they have been tested on both Intel and Apple Silicon in Rosetta 2. Metric Halo have them built and tested for Apple Silicon, but are waiting on a third-party library to be Native before they can deploy these with Native Apple Silicon builds.

Due to changes in Apple’s development tools, this version of the plug-ins requires a minimum of macOS 10.8.5, and is 64-bit only!

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