Get the sound of classic tape emulation with McDSP

McDSP Analog Channel MixTip promo JAN 2021

Add warmth to your final mix with McDSP Analog Channel !

You probably already use analog tape for effects such as compression and saturation. Yet another great thing you can do with it is high frequency and low frequency shaping, playing on the speed at which the machine is set to operate as well as its frequency bias.

Here’s a cool tip on using the Analog Channel plug-in from McDSP and their Mix Tip Fridays:

The AC202 tape machine emulation is a great tool to control and shape the top end of a mix. The tape speed controls should be the first controls to get you in the ballpark of where you’d like your top end to sit, with 30 ips being the brightest and 7.5 ips the darkest.

From there you can easily fine-tune your sound via the EQ Type, Bias control and by choosing between Vintage and Modern tape, not to mention the tape machine model!

Grab the Analog Channel now from only $49.

You can also get it in the Everyhing Pack, also on promo.

“Analog Channel warms up vocals & acoustic instruments
without adding noticeable compression.”…

Cory Churko – Award winning multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and mix engineer

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