Major update to DeMIX Pro & Essentials

AudioSourceRE  DeMIX update JAN 2021

Best-in-class vocal, drum, bass & melody separations

With this major update to DeMIX Pro & Essentials AI separation algorithms, AudioSourceRE is the culmination of over 18 years of research in de-mixing softwares.

Experience the best-in-class vocal, drum, bass & melody separations on the market with these upgrades on DeMIX Pro & DeMIX Essentials products.

See the details below :

Brand New Bass Separations
Get improved high frequency response in your extracted bass with less bleed delivering bass separations which are considerably better than before.

Improved Drum Separations
The new drum extraction algorithm delivers less interference while preserving drum transients for a more natural drum sound.

Cleaner Vocal Separations & Melodies
New separation algorithm offering less bleed from other instruments resulting in a more natural sounding vocal stem & cleaner melodies.

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