Melda Production : update and 4 new promos

Melda EMD 11 JAN 2021

All plugins updated to 14.16 with Apple Silicon support

MeldaProduction has updated all its plugins to 14.16, an important update which comes up with several improvements, features, bug fixes and MSoundFactory instruments.

It is also the first version with Apple Silicon ARM CPU support. It is recommended to install this update. See the changes and get the newest version from their download page.

About the products on sale :

MSpectralDynamicsLE is the smaller brother of the mighty MSpectralDynamics, a true revolution in audio processing, which can flatten the spectrum, prevent collisions between tracks, remove noise, and open up myriad new creative possibilities. MSpectralDynamicsLE is the same, but it doesn’t let you access the edit screen.

Multiband dynamic processing can do things that would otherwise be impossible. If you are looking for a weapon, which not only sounds great, but is extremely versatile, MMultiBandDynamics is the ultimate all-in-one solution!

MReverb is not only a realistic space simulation, it’s also the world’s first reverb with a spatial positioning system. With it’s extensive feature set, it’s also an exceptionally creative plugin.

Waveshapers are the basic distortion modules. But with MMultiBandWaveShaper you can draw your own shapes and process up to 6 bands separately. Perfect for sound manglers searching for a really original distortion.

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