IRCAM Spat Revolution vs Dolby Atmos Production


Flux:: answers questions about the two different Real-time 3D-Audio mixing formats

SPAT Revolution and Dolby Atmos workflow

Many users have asked Flux:: about the major differences between FLUX:: Immersive SPAT Revolution and the Dolby Atmos Production Tools.

With Dolby’s increased focus on music and emphasis on online distribution services for independent artists, questions regarding the two platforms often arise.

Both these production tools need to be understood, to see the advantages of using them.

The Flux:: article focuses on SPAT Revolution, a standalone application (with its integration plug-in suite), and how it differs from the Dolby Atmos Tools format. SPAT Revolution now supports the new ASD-OSC format and the article also tells you why this is of importance to everyone doing 3D-Audio projects.

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