MeldaProduction announce their “Valentine’s” offers

1920x1080 v01

Get 60% off all MTurbo Products

All You Need is MTurboLove

The Beatles claimed that “All You Need Is Love”. But, this year’s Valentine’s shows that MTurboLove is even more…

You can fall in love with Melda simply, by acquiring any of the most versatile and universal plug-ins of their kind : all MTurbo plug-ins offer collections of classic studio equipment simulations.

Get 60% off MTurboComp, MTurboCompLE, MTurboDelay,
MTurboEQ, MTurboReverb and MTurboReverbLE

What “MTurbo” Stands For :

The philosophy of MTurbo line is that each plug-in is a collection of all plug-ins of the kind you may possibly need.

For example, MTurboComp contains emulations of all necessary classic analogue compressors (from LA2A to 1176), MTurboEQ is a collection of classic analogue equalizers, MTurboDelay offers 40 types of delay effects and MTurboReverb even over a 100 reverbs!

The “LE” (where available) doesn’t mean the plug-in would lose any of the sonic powers. The only difference is that the access to some of the advanced settings are limited and you can only use the part of the plug-in which offers the quickest way to your goals.

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