BBE Sound announce Sonic Sweet version 4.2.0


BBE Sound Sonic Sweet | 4 Plug-ins. One Legendary Tone.

Sonic Sweet v4 receives a major update with OS support/compatibility, fixes and enhancements, and is on promo from today, through Sunday May 9th, 2021 at only $99 !

What’s New in Version 4.2.0 :

  • Updated compatibility with macOS Big Sur (Intel, M1 under Rosetta 2).

  • Fixed “update available” notification still showing after updating.

  • Fixed scroll direction on controls (macOS).

  • Fixed scroll on stepped controls.

BBE Sound Sonic Sweet includes the following plug-ins :

Sonic Maximizer, the best way to get that professional sound and extra sparkle that is so difficult to capture. Identical to the physical unit in terms of utility features and processing, BBE’s advanced sonic processing technology and proprietary algorithms have allowed the creation of an outstanding and well received plug-in, used by all in the industry.

Harmonic Maximizer increases presence and clarity, restores natural brightness, and adds deeper and extended low frequencies. Used in the studio on individual tracks or an entire mix, or live to enhance the sound of a P.A. system for example.

Loudness Maximizer is a mixing and mastering multi-band limiter plug-in. Its ultimate transparency allows you to ‘dramatically’ increase the overall level of your mix without audible pumping effects. Using simple controls, turning the Sensitivity up will increase the level of your overall mix without clipping.

Mach 3 Bass will take your low end to new sonic depths. Insert this plug-in on any type off bass instrument or signal where you need a big boost on the low end. Mach 3 Bass allows you to easily dial in the frequency you want to accentuate and “bump the bass”.

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