Max Duy is on promo

DUY Max Duy MAY2021

Seamless Level Maximizing – at 80% Off !

Max Duy is a revolutionary new approach to sound level maximizing from manufacturers DUY, based on the exclusive ILO (Intelligent Level Optimization) algorithm.

It produces an increase in the perceived level of a signal without artifacts (zero harmonic distortion even at low frequencies!) – accurate sound level optimization for music, film soundtracks, broadcast and multimedia – for application on individual tracks or final mixes.

“The DUY concept is something I’d been waiting for, for so long! I have always been interested in doing music like you paint creatingsoundscapes. With DUY, the dream comes true: I can sculpt, I can give shape… I can cook sounds and frequencies in the most creative and easiest way.”

- Jean-Michel Jarre

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