Nomad Factory’s promos this week

Nomad Promo MAY 2021 2

Analog Signature Pack, Blue Tubes Limiter LM2S, AS Gate Expander and E Graphic EQ

Analog Signature Pack is a collection of 3 professional quality recording, mixing and mastering plug-ins including Limiting Amplifier LM-662, Program Equalizer EQP-4 and Studio Channel SC-226.

AS – Gate Expander inspired by a classic (three letter acronym) famous British console brings the control to your tracks! Slice and dice noise and low-end rumble, and expand your sound so it punches through the mix.

Blue Tubes Limiter LM2S is an easy-to-use tube emulation limiter. The straightforward controls and out-standing sound make this limiter the perfect tool for mastering.

E Graphic EQ is the perfect tool for sculpting the fine detail out of raw digital audio. 15 frequency bands, adjustable bandwidth and brick-wall limiter allow for precise control over each audio channel. For any type of project, this EQ lets each track stand out with its own sonic character.

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