Acon Digital upgrade their products

Acon Digital Updates JUNE2021

Better, Faster and with Native Support for Apple M1

Acon Digital has upgraded Veberate Family of Reverbs, DeVerberate, DeFilter and Extract Dialogue.

The Mac versions now run natively on Apple Silicon processors such as Apple M1.

The upgrade is free for owners of the respective plug-ins.

Verberate family of natural sounding reverb plug-ins — Verberate 2 and Verberate Immersive 2 — has been updated to version 2.2.

The dry signal panning was improved in Verberate Immersive when up-mixing stereo to surround or immersive so that audio is also routed to the front center channel. The behaviour can be changed in the preferences to support legacy sessions.

Version 2.1 of DeVerberate and version 1.2 of DeFilter have been released.

DeVerberate is a reverb reduction plug-in that can attenuate or boost the reverberation that is already present in recorded material whereas DeFilter is an efficient tool to even out tonal imbalances in a recording or reduce resonant peaks or dips in the frequency spectrum.

Extract:Dialogue — the plug-in that separates dialogue from common types of background noise such as wind, rustle, traffic, hum, clicks and pops has been updated to version 1.1.

The CPU usage is now drastically reduced. A new deep learning model was trained with an even larger training set and the new model reduces artifacts, gives more consistent results and keeps the dialogue more natural. An option in the preferences makes it possible to choose the old model for legacy session support. The Mac version now runs natively on Apple Silicon processors such as Apple M1.

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