Kilohearts mid-summer sale


50% off Tape Stop, Reverser, Pitch Shifter, and Frequency Shifter

Tape Stop simulates the starting and stopping of magnetic tape while playing back, leading to some interesting effects. In a simple way, this arcane technology, allows you to get great spin-down/speed-up sounds quickly with the simple push of a button.

Reverser does delay and reverse sections of your input sound with ease; resulting in anything from hauntingly eerie textures to reverse percussion hits.

Pitch Shifter uses grain delay to bring the pitch where you want it to be. Or at least somewhere else from where it already is. Shift your pitch to add width and colour.

Frequency Shifter Frequency Shifter shifts the frequencies of a sound linearly across the spectrum, destroying the original harmonic relationship between frequencies. Mmm… Dissonance…

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