Flux Alchemist Summer Promotion !


Powerful Dynamics Processing – Alchemist, on sale now for $99 !

Alchemist is the ultimate dynamic processing tool providing full control over the processing, highly acclaimed by audio and mastering engineers all over the world, is designed with professional mastering and re-mastering applications in mind.

For simple compression tasks, more advanced de-expansion, and emulating classic analog compression, to recovering transients from an overly compressed mix, all the way to heavy parallel multi-band compression with up to 5 bands.

“By far the best multiband I’ve tried…”

“What makes Alchemist golden (for everything… individual tracks, mixing, mastering) is the surgical control over envelope shape and how/when each component of the processors works with.”

“If I had no other dynamics processing plug-in it’d probably be Flux’s Alchemist or Solera. They are by far the most flexible signal processor I own.”

Those quotes are but a few of the many from users praising all the advanced features of Alchemist.

Get The Free Alchemist Tutorial Preset Pack

Click here to download the presets pack from the Alchemist introduction tutorial video highlighted below.

This preset pack contains examples of :

  • One-band compressor utilizing the Solera mode
  • Classic Gate using one band in the Expander mode
  • DExpansion mode for increasing low levels for overall balance
  • Analog style compression – This time, using 3 Bands
  • 4-bands transient recovery for fixing mixes that are too squashed
  • Multi-bands parallel Drum to add heavy compression sounds to a bus
  • Analog style compression for a very program-dependent type compression

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