New Harrison 32C Channel Plug-in

Harrison 32C box AUG2021

Bring the legendary Harrison 32C sound into any DAW

The Harrison 32C Channel plug-in is modeled after Harrison’s renowned 32 Series console channel strip. It contains 3 routable processing elements which include the famed 32C channel EQ and Filters. The 32C Channel plug-in allows you to bring the legendary Harrison 32C sound into any DAW.

For more than 45 years Harrison analog consoles have been a mainstay in studios around the world. The Harrison 32 Series was used on countless renowned albums, generating the sounds that we all carry in our hearts today.

The 32C Channel Plug-in is the latest high-end product from Harrison based on the original Harrison 32C analog console from 1975.

Like the EQ in Harrison’s acclaimed Mixbus32c workstation introduced in 2016, the 32C Channel Plug-in uses a complex emulation of the original Harrison 32C EQ. Every resistor, capacitor, and transistor is included in the model. Now you can give your mix the classic Harrison 32C sound you’ve been looking for, regardless of which host you use…

Key Features :

The legendary Harrison 32C four band parametric equalizer with proportional Q, bell and shelving curves on the high and low bands, and musical overlapping midrange bands.

A High Pass and Low Pass filter section is included with a unique BUMP feature providing classic low end punch.

Harrison’s innovative compressor with three different characters is also included. Selections for smooth compression, classic leveling, and fast limiting are provided. Those 3 quick presets help you to recreate the signature compression effects with minimal effort.

* The signal path through the 32C Channel Plug-in can be arranged via the routing section, providing the optimum signal flow for your project. You can quickly audition any processor, or combination of processors, in the chain.

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