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Tverb 26-09-2021

An extremely customizable room reverb with some unique techniques and features

The Sound of a Legend

Developed with legendary producer, musician, and engineer Tony Visconti, Tverb provides an extremely customizable room reverb with some unique techniques and features. Within this virtual room (modeled on the legendary Meistersaal at Berlin’s Hansa Tonstudios) you can mix three virtual channels: one main mic with subtle ambience and two moveable mics capturing the lush room reverb.

Tverb is a reverb unlike any other. Start with a perfect room and configure it to taste by adjusting the standard reverb controls of decay, diffusion, and EQ to create the ambience that brings your tracks to life. Now, place a couple of additional microphones anywhere in that room, and move them around until the track sits perfectly in your mix.

Tverb, gives you control of all these parameters and more. And because Tverb is algorithmic, you can do it all in real-time (which wouldn’t be possible with a convolution reverb). You can even have your mics dance around the room in real-time. Impossible in real life—easy with Tverb.

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