New Harrison 32C VIP Plug-in

Harrison 32C-VIP-Sale-2021

Enhance the quality of vocals or spoken voice

Harrison Consoles have released 32C Vocal Intensity Processor, a vocal processing plug-in offering a highly efficient way to enhance the quality of vocals or spoken voice.

It has that Harrison signature sound that will have your voice tracks sounding very professional. Learn more…

Key Features :

  • A Leveler for controlling the dynamic range of the audio signal.
  • 32C High and Low-Pass Filters for cleaning up any unwanted frequencies.
  • An RTA with pre and post filter displays for visualising the spectral characteristics of the processed signal.
  • A K-12 Output Meter that displays the level of overall output and helps keep the signal within the target range.
  • A built-in limiter that prevents the output signal from clipping.

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