Fourrier Audio announce Rewind

Fourier Audio Rewind FEB2022

Time travel for live sound engineers

Fourier Audio and our sister company Plugivery Distribution proudly announce their partnership to introduce a new and innovative live monitoring software “Rewind” to freelance audio professionals in theatre, broadcast, music and live entertainment industries.

Rewind gives 15 minutes of instantly-accessible history on any channel in your system, offering the ability to go back in time, on-the-fly, when monitoring any audio feed to find and resolve issues, wherever and whenever they happen.

Controllable by MIDI – enabling integrations with 3rd party hardware and software, including mixing desks as a PFL rewind – Rewind is rapidly being adopted as a crucial tool for every live sound engineer.

Fourier Rewind is available in three versions – a 16-channel ‘personal’ version, a 64-channel ‘professional’ version and a 128-channel ‘production’ version – giving live sound engineers the power of time travel.

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