Reality VR from DSpatial

DSpatial Reality VR JULY2022

A ground-breaking product for Immersive 3D Audio production

DSpatial Reality VR converts Avid’s Pro Tools into a complete native 3D binaural workstation, redefining the classic concepts of reverberation, panning and mixing, and unifying them into a single unique product.

A mix made with Reality VR can be played back with up to 48 outputs, or in Ambisonics with a highly realistic binaural environment.

Reality VR also provides a real-time convolution reverberation for STEREO mixes with IR modelers, proximity and distance effects, doppler, walls, doors, immersive tools, a monitoring section and 10 points multi-touch capability. It’s absolutely limitless in terms of creative possibilities…

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Please Note that this product is Mac only and runs only on Avid Pro Tools.

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