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    bass accompaniment

    Ron Miller BassThing

    BassThing is a compact graphics-oriented application that is being developed for the Pop/Jazz improvisor that creates drum and bass accompaniment to be used as a practicing assistant much like the ubiquitous Aebersold playalongs.

    Additionally, the app will have use for the composer and groove and loops enthusiast for creating the same for use in general music apps. Unlike other software-based playalongs, BassThing X allows the user to select a root, and an accompaniment style, then merely mouse-click on a staff where he or she desires the root to be placed; the app computes the bass accompaniment in the selected style with user preset parameters.

    The user also may transpose the creation, change the tempo, and select the instruments as desired. A bonus is the available 'algorithmic' portion with which the app will randomly select the roots making the app a compositional tool. As with all OSX apps, the creations can be saved, opened, and printed.

    It should be noted that the app is designed to be complimentary to the app DrumThing in that the app can Open the groove and loop files created by DrumThing to be the rhythmic basis for creations.


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