SONiVOX Sound of Summer promos

Sonivox Summer JUNE2021

Stratum & Solina Redux

Stratum is a rock-solid layering of a classic Supersaw synthesizer and a 4-operator FM synthesizer. Originally made famous by the Roland JP-8000, the Supersaw waveform has made a strong comeback in the trance and hardcore genres due to its edgy sound, particularly in synth leads and synth basses.

Solina Redux virtual instrument adds a sweet sounding virtual analog synthesizer to a classic reproduction of an Arp Solina String Ensemble, then throws in TWO fully programmable 8-step sequencers to boot. It’s a match made in heaven and one that produces sonic textures you simply can’t get any other way.

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AKAI MPC 2.9 Premier and Standard are on promo

AKAI MPC logo JUNE2021

Save up to 75% off !

MPC 2.9 Premier and Standard Editions are on promo at up to 75% off.

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AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade is on promo

AIR AIEP3 Upgrade JUNE2021

50% off the 20 virtual instruments and progressive sound-design tools pack upgrade

Own any Air Music software? Upgrade now!

The AIEP3 Complete Instrument Pack combines multiple synthesis technologies, premium instrument samples, high-definition drums, vintage electric pianos, and a comprehensive groove-creation platform to provides today’s musician, composer, and producer with the latest innovations of German-engineered software.

Hybrid 3.0 is an analog and wavetable synthesizer that combines the warmth of analog synthesis with futuristic digital controls; Loom is a modular additive synthesizer that lets you explore additive synthesis with 30 editable modules and a sound-shifting Morph Pad; Vacuum Pro is a polyphonic analog tube synthesizer that re-invents the gritty glory of the analog age; Structure delivers a world of sounds with multi-timbral layering and comprehensive sample editing; Strike is a drum and arranger instrument with a realistic performance engine; Velvet puts five sought-after electric pianos at your fingertips; and Transfuser is a melodic and groove creation that offers powerful sound manipulation capabilities. Altogether, the AIR instrument Expansion Pack includes 70+GB (uncompressed) samples, loops, effects, and 3000+ tweakable patches and presets programmed by legendary sound designers.

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AIR Sound of Summer Bundles

Air SOS 97-2

Synths & Drums Bundle Packs from $9.99

AIR Sounds of Summer promos are here :

AIR Drum Machine Pack : Drum Synth 500 & Boom — $9.99 (List $249)

AIR Essential Synths Pack : Loom 2 + Vacuum Pro + The Riser — $9.99 (List $359)

AIR Power Pack : Hybrid 3 + Velvet + Mini Grand — $9.99 (List $249)

AIR Legends Pack : Xpand!2 + DB-33 + Vacuum Classic — $9.99 (List $239)

AIR Essential Pianos Pack : AIR Mini Grand + Sonivox Essential Keyboard — $14.99 (List $269)

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Waves Half Annual Sale

Waves Half Annual Sale

Get 50% off all Waves products with code ‘HALF’

Save an extra 50% off on top of the already slashed prices by using coupon code HALF at checkout.

Free Plugin offer :

  • Spend $50 get 1 FREE plugin
  • Spend $90 get 2 FREE plugins
  • Spend $120, get 3 FREE plugins

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New United Plugins Electrum

United Plugins ELECTRUM JUNE2021

The all-in-one single-screen guitar solution – 90% off

The last amplifier and pedalboard your guitar will ever need.

Get it at intro price only $19 (list $181) for a limited time only.

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D16 Group Summer Sale 2021


Get 40% off all products (singles and bundles)

D16 Summer Sale 2021 is here with 40% off all products and bundles.

D16 Group Audio Software is known for creating premium audio plug-ins. Their sustained desire to maintain the highest level of quality pushes them to deliver virtual instruments that set a new standard for sound, and effects that take creativity to the next level.

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Waves All Channel Strips Sale


Take control of your mix – $29.99 each

All Waves channel strip plugins are at $29.99 for a limited time. The buy 2 plugins, get 2 free offer continues.

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FLUX:: Analyzer Summer Promotions


New ‘lite’ Analyzer, FLUX Essential Analyzer and its add-ons are on promo

FLUX:: Analyzer Summer Promotions have started. They include a new product, Studio Session Analyzer, which is on sale “only during this promo”!

Other offers include FREE Multichannel and Metering add-ons with each FLUX:: Analyzer Essential purchase. And, all individual Analyzer add-ons at 50% off.

Studio Session Analyzer

Studio Session Analyzer is a “lite” version of the famed Flux:: Analyzer product included in the Studio Session Pack; a stand-alone application that provides a comprehensive range of tools for precise audio analysis.

It also includes SampleGrabber – a plug-in available to “grab” the audio samples from an insert point and send the signals with instant real-time analysis.

Only $49 (List $149) for a limited time

Buy FLUX Analyser Essential – Get Multichannel and Metering Add-ons FREE !

Flux:: are offering the two add-on options; Multichannel/Surround and Metering/Loudness for free when purchasing the FLUX:: Analyzer Essential.

Only $399 (List $797) for a limited time

Analyzer Add-on Option Offers

FLUX:: Analyzer Live Sound add-on option provides the elements needed to assist the live sound engineer in speaker array calibration tasks with; delay finder, level, meter, transfer function magnitude, phase and coherence spectra, impulse response, as well as snapshot facilities.

FLUX:: Analyzer Metering and Loudness add-on option provides an extensive set of measurement tools well adapted for Broadcast and Post Production facilities, presenting the metering tools for a vast range of standards such as True Peak, RMS, ITU-1770, EBU-R128 (PLOUD), history and more.

FLUX:: Analyzer Multichannel & Surround add-on option provides a vast range of measurement tools for comprehensive analysis of multichannel audio environments. In addition to the standard spectrum analyzer and metering tools, an innovative set of spectrum tools, Flux:: Nebula, presenting frequency and scope over space in a fashion never seen before.

Only $99 each (List $199) for a limited time

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New Voxengo Peakbuster

Voxengo Peakbuster JUNE2021

An attack-phase boosting and harmonic enhancement plug-in

Voxengo release Peakbuster, an attack-phase boosting and harmonic enhancement plug-in for professional music and sound production applications.

Peakbuster is a multi-band transient enhancer effect plug-in that uses an advanced automatic algorithm.

Peakbuster stands out from the competition in its ability to always sound natural, even on a full-spectrum master bus. The strength of the effect depends on the material being processed: the algorithm masterfully analyses dynamics of the sound it processes, and applies boosting in quantities that are “exactly right”. Moreover, the algorithm has a suitably “fast” reaction time making its adjustments sound “fluid”, not “over the place”.

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