Plug and Mix Chainer Version 1.2 released!


The new version 1.2 of the Plug and Mix Chainer that has just been posted.

Today we are proud to announce the release of version 1.2 of the P&M Chainer. This new version adds many enhancements requested by users. Users will now find a VSTi version that makes it easier to load and use as an “instrument” chainer.

Version 1.2 also provides a convenient stand alone version where users can load and save guitar patches, vocal patches, keyboard patches or any other chains of effects that can be used for live performances without having to load a DAW.

This new version also provides many enhancements and bug fixes reported by users. The Chainer now provides a new window to load plug-ins that might not have passed the VST / VSTi “scan” validation.

It includes the following enhancements and bug fixes.

- VST, AU and AAX instrument version (VSTi) of PM-Chainer
- Standalone application of PM-Chainer.
- MIDI Activity indicator (at the right of the preset browser)
- “Load VST Plug-in” menu option which allow to load VST plug-ins directly from hard drive, loaded VSTs will be automatically added to the “VST Plug-Ins” manufacturers sub-menu.
- labels A1-A8, B1-B8, C1-C8, D1-D8 on the mixer window.

Bug fixes
- crash when saving presets from P&M internal plug-ins on Mac OSX.
- bug on VU meters of internal P&M plug-ins.
- compatibility issue with D16 group software.
- compatibility issue with Tone2 software.
- “Save Preset” dialog box not showing for PM Plugins on Windows.
- issue with finding correct CommonFiles path on Windows 7 64bit.
- MIDI issue with Air Music Technology plugins, there are no more stuck notes.
- an issue on Windows 7 x64 when we double click on knobs in 32bit plugins, the knobs might sometimes be not correctly redrawn.
- PM Scanner and added more VST, VSTi compatibility.
- Z3ta+ 2 now correctly recalls chunks when loading from Chainer’s preset.
- Albino 3 instrument now positioned well on the screen on Windows.

The P+M chainer is available on the DontCrack store at the special introductory price of $49 (MSRP ($129).

While there, we are celebrating this event by making the P&M V.I.P. Bundle available at ONLY $99 (MSRP $249).

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Southern Soul EZX released from ToonTrack!

Southern soul 550

Toontrack brings you the famous sound of Muscle Shoals, Alabama and FAME Studios, where the classic ‘Soul’ sound was created.

With the guidance of original Swampers guitarist Jimmy Johnson, period correct gear and mic placement, the Southern Soul EZX sets out to recreate the unmistakable sound of soul. Crisp, dense and saturated drums – all encapsulated in the hallmark ambience of the FAME room. It comes with five complete kits and two setups – one using all-mono miking techniques and one full stereo setup. On top of that, it features leakage mics for vocals, guitar, piano and upright bass set up in their original spots in the room, a signature FAME trait and key to adding that special band presence to the sound.

From the smallest town with the biggest impact on music culture comes a touchstone collection of drums. Drums that have soul. True Southern soul.

Now available on the DontCrack store immediately.

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ToonTrack MAY Promos!

EZX Promo May 2015

ToonTrack is doing an EZX EXTRAVAGANZA!

This May, EZdrummer 2 has its first birthday! To celebrate this pivotal event in drum sampler history, ToonTrack are giving you 40%* OFF on EZX expansions. It is the perfect time to dive headfirst into possibly the market’s deepest vault of drum sounds. Haven’t upgraded to EZdrummer 2 yet? Try the free 10-day demo!

Almost all the EZX expansion packs are on sale for only $39.99 on the DontCrack store instead of the usual $89.99 list price.

AND for all of you who purchase any EZ Keys Sound Expansion during May, you get your choice of one EZ Keys Midi Pack Free of charge when you register it at Toontrack!

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UVI Ircam Prestige Collection Promo!

IRCAM promo 550

UVI is promoting the IRCAM Solo Instruments and Prepared Piano Collections until the 11th of May!

IRCAM Solo Instruments is an intimate look at 16 classical instruments recorded at the prestigious IRCAM Institute. This set features comprehensive articulations and unbelievable detail.

IRCAM PREPARED PIANO is the ultimate virtual prepared piano. Explore 45 preparation techniques editable and layerable per key. The sounds range from avant-garde to the total extreme.

They are on sale on the DontCrack store at the lowest prices anywhere.

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60% off UVI Grand Piano Collection!


From today until Monday the 13th of April at midnight the outstanding Grand Piano Collection from UVI is on sale at over 60% off!

Included in this collection are 5 amazing Grand Pianos, the Steinway D Concert Grand, Fazioli F278 Concert Grand, Erard Baby Grand Piano, Seiler Upright Grand and Yamaha C7 Concert Grand.

Here is an exceptional opportunity to have exceptionally realistic pianos added to your collection of instruments at your disposal.

The Grand Piano Collection is on sale for only five days at a great reduced promo price on the DontCrack store.

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Nugen Audio’s New Loudness Toolkit 2!


The new Loudness Toolkit 2 from NUGEN Audio is the fastest, smartest loudness management solution available today for your workstation.

Certainty is essential when dealing with loudness compliance. Nugen Audio has been giving clients total confidence in meeting loudness delivery guidelines since the standards were created.

The Loudness Toolkit 2 is the latest generation of the company’s acclaimed suite of loudness metering and correction tools. Consisting of the VisLM-H 2 Loudness Meter, LM-Correct 2 Quick-Fix Tool, and ISL 2 True-Peak Limiter, Loudness Toolkit 2 now offers powerful workflow enhancements and upgrades that make it an even more valuable companion for users of non-linear editors (NLEs) and digital audio workstations (DAWs).

The Loudness Toolkit 2 is now available at a suggested retail price of $949 on the DontCrack store. Current owners can upgrade to Loudness Toolkit 2 for a special price of $299 until June 30 2015, and for $399 thereafter. Clients who have purchased the current version of the Loudness Toolkit, VisLM, ISL, or LM-Correct after Jan. 1, 2015 will receive complimentary upgrades to the respective new versions. In addition, special pricing and upgrade paths will be offered to all current owners. Pricing and availability for HDX versions will be announced at a later date.

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EZkeys Pipe Organ from Toontrack!


The EZkeys Pipe Organ sound library features the majestic organ found at Sweden’s Täby Kyrka, an historic church dating back to the thirteenth century. It was designed to fit the songwriting-friendly format of EZkeys and includes the most characteristic pipe organ stops and instruments. On top of that, it comes with a generous selection of presets, allowing you to take this epic instrument from its most traditional use to painting completely new, creative musical landscapes.

This new Toontrack product is available now on the DontCrack store.

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Eventide H3000 Factory Plugin on Promo !


Eventide has put most sought-after plug-in on promo !

The H3000 Factory™ Ultra-Harmonizer® plug-in is a re-creation of several algorithms from the venerable H3000 that combine pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering in a modular interface.

•Modular Effects Laboratory based on effect algorithms from the legendary H3000

•Subtle sweetening such as Eventide’s Micropitch effect to total sonic annihilation

• Chock full of Over 500 presets, great for bringing a spark of inspiration to any project

H3000 Factory has been updated to more closely replicate the sound of the original H3000, now features 100 Artist presets from Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails), Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle), Colin Newman (Wire), Damian Taylor (Bjork), Dave Darlington (Bass Hit Studios), Kerry Leva (EDM Producer), Richard Devine (Sound Designer), and Scott Martin Gershin (Soundeluxe).

It also includes over 100 original presets from the original H3000 rack processor.

From now until the end of April the Eventide H3000 Factory Ultra-Harmonizer is on promo on the DontCrack store at $199 instead of $349 !


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Sonnox Spring Sale!


Sonnox has been inspired by DontCrack’s huge success with the Sonnox Group Buy 2015 and have decided to keep the savings coming with the Sonnox Spring Sale!

Spring is in the air and Easter is on the way, so Sonnox will let you treat yourself to a fabulous Easter present!

And it is not a huge inflatable pink Rabbit!

Not even a thousand chocolate eggs delivered directly to your door!

For the entire month of April they’re offering 35% off all Sonnox bundles.

They are available at the best prices available anywhere on the DontCrack store.

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Flux and Junger announced Level Magic!

Junger 4

Flux and Jünger have jointly announced the long-awaited ‘Level Magic’ that will provide transparent level control for broadcasters and mixers.

Deployed, respected and trusted by the world’s leading TV and radio broadcasters, recording and post production facilities, all the established benefits of Jünger’s Level Magic loudness management algorithm is now available to the DAW community with the release of the jointly developed plug-in.

All major DAW platforms are supported (AU/VST/AAX/AS) for both Real Time and Offline (AudioSuite) processing in 32 & 64 bits under both Windows and Mac OS X. Supported audio I/O formats include Mono, Stereo and Multichannel 5.1.

Flux’s Level Magic is available immediately on the DontCrack store in both the Stereo and Multi-Channel versions.

About Jünger Audio

Established in Berlin in 1990, Jünger Audio specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality digital audio dynamics processors. It has developed a unique range of digital processors that are designed to meet the demands of the professional audio market. All of its products are easy to operate and are developed and manufactured in-house, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained throughout. Its customers include many of the world’s top radio and TV broadcasters, IPTV providers, music recording studios and audio post production facilities.

About Flux

Flux:: sound and picture development was founded in the 1990’s during the early days of digital audio software workstations, collaborating with Merging Technologies in the creation of Merging’s now well renowned products. In 2007 Flux:: started releasing their own exquisite audio software product line tailored for demanding sound engineers, and has since then been focused on creating intuitive and technically innovative audio software tools, used by sound engineers and producers in the professional audio, broadcast, post production and mastering industry all over the world.



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