UVI Plugsound Pro on promo for $75!


UVI is doing a promo on their Plugsound Pro product starting today until the end of Monday, during this period it will sold at $75 instead of the list of $149!

Plugsound Pro’s famous library delivers 8 Gb of of the most useful sounds you can have. It includes ALL the sounds from the award-wining Plugsound Box (with some enhanced presets like the pianos), a new Classical section providing a wide range of acoustic instruments, and a complete selection of loops and phrases.

Keyboard: Acoustic, Electric, Harpsichords, Clavinet, Church Organs, Mallets…
Fretted: Acoustic & Eletric Guitars, Bass, Harp, Ethnic instruments…
Drums & Percs: Acoustic, Electronic, Urban, Latin Percussions…
Synth & co: Pads, Synth Bass, Leads, Bells, Flutes, Voices, Compostie…
General MIDI: A complete and efficient General MIDI set up of sounds
Orchestral: Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Solo & Ensemble, Voices.

This complete collection is available on the DontCrack store HERE.

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BBE Sonic Sweet Optimized $99 Promo!

Today we are proud to announce that we will be running through October a $99 promo (MSRP $149) on the  Sonic Sweet 3.0 “Optimized” that  includes 3  “Optimised” plug-ins and a extra bass enhancer (Mach 3 Bass) within the bundle.

Sonic Sweet “Optimized” has been completely re-worked from the ground up to be compatible with AAX and Pro Tools 11 as well as the Audio Units, RTAS and VST formats. The bundle has also been fully tested for the latest operating systems.

At the heart of the bundle there is still the software version of BBE’s famous Sonic Maximiser hardware range, which is an emulation of their exclusive processing technologies that has set the benchmark for sound enhancement. World-renowned musicians have insisted upon using BBE Sound professional audio processors since they were first introduced in the ’80s.

Please  DOWNLOAD and try out the BBE Sonic Sweet “Optimized”.

Sonic Sweet “Optimized” includes :

- Sonic Maximizer : The best way to get that professional sound and extra sparkle that is so difficult to capture.

- Harmonic Maximizer : Increases Presence and Clarity, restoring Natural Brightness and adding Deeper and Extended Low Frequencies.

- Loudness Maximizer : A mixing and mastering multi-band limiter plug-in. Its ultimate transparency allows the Loudness Maximizer to ‘dramatically’ increase the overall level of your mix without audible pumping effects.

- Mach 3 Bass : Take your low end to new sonic depths…

*Because Sonic Sweet “Optimized” was completely rebuilt, it is NOT compatible with previous versions of BBE Sonic Sweet Plug-ins. Any sessions with a previous version of Sonic Sweet loaded into it must continue to use the old versions of the plug-ins.

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Matthew Lane now at DontCrack!

MathewLaneDrMS 550

Matthew Lane has been a Mastering house for years and they saw a need for a new plug-in that would provide total control for enhancing the depth and increasing stereo width.

DontCrack is proud to offer this exceptional tool for taking your mixes and Mastering project to a new height of perfection.

Here is a video that shows what the DrMS can do for your Mixes:

The Matthew Lane DrMS is available here.

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Ueberschall available on the DontCrack Store!


Ueberschall is now present on the DontCrack store. There are one of the oldest and most respected editors of sample libraries in the world and their vast collection of genres and styles means they have something for everyone.

Ueberschall offers professional sampling libraries from more than 40 genres, targeting musicians, producers, film and advertisement-composers. All sound banks are available as immediate download and 100% royalty FREE and copyright clean !

Ueberschall’s amazing “Elastik” Sample Player ensures fast and creative use of loops and samples. The latest Elastik version is always available as a free download and includes a rich demo sound bank for users to experiment the unmatched features provided by the powerful Zplane audio engine.

With its vast collection of libraries that covers every musical taste and style you can imagine, there is something available to help boost your creativity.

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Waves releases eMo D5 Dynamics!


The latest product from Waves is eMo D5 Dynamics, and for a limited time it is at a special introductory price of $149 (MSRP $299).

The first plugin to use Waves’ groundbreaking Parallel Detection technology, Waves eMo D5 delivers the power of five state-of-the-art dynamics processors—Gate, Leveler, DeEsser, Compressor and Limiter—in one easy-to-use interface.

The eMo D5 Dynamics Promo is available on the DontCrack immediately.

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8 New Premix videos Available!

Puremix has been busy producing new tutorials that will be of great interest to everyone who wants to get the most out of their Plug-ins and recording equipement.

Click on any title below to go directly to the new product pages with the video Trailers:

Advanced Vocal Compression

UAD Analog Classics Bundle Explained

Using Delays on Vocals

Using Reverb on Vocals

I/O Setup in Pro Tools

Study of Compressor Controls Part 2

Special FX for Vocals

Mixing ‘Words to Say’ in Pro Tools

See if there is something for you that might give you new tips and tricks for your productions .

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New Mayhem of Loops 1.5 on Promo!


The new 1.5 version of the popular UVI Mayhem of Loops has been released and to celebrate it UVI has a special promo price of $49 (MSRP $99) going from today until the 21st of September.

The Mayhem of Loops 1.5 update brings over 3,000 new loops to the collection which now includes over 8,000 samples covering dozens of musical instruments, playing techniques and genres including drums, breakbeats, solo instruments, effect loops, vocal cuts and more.

Available on promo on the DontCrack HERE.

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Flux Alchemist Promo!


Flux has announced that they are doing a special promo of $249 (MSRP $699) on their superb Multiband Compressor-limiter.

Alchemist is the most powerful dynamic processor ever designed. It’s able to subtly improve your mix or to totally transmute the audio material. Until now it has been pretty expensive…

User comments say it all:

“By far the best multiband I’ve tried..”

“What makes Alchemist golden (for everything… individual tracks, mixing, mastering) is the surgical control over envelope shape and how/when each component of the processors works with … “

“Flux Alchemist does practically everything you could think of in a dynamics processor: compression, expansion, de-expansion, transient manipulation, multiband control.”

“If I had no other dynamics processing plug-in It’d probably be Flux’s Alchemist or Solera. They are by far the most flexible signal processor I own.”

“It can be almost ‘invisible’ but make everything sound better. You miss them when they’re not on.
That being said, you could go all out and really smack the crap out of something but still have it sound good.”

If you are looking for the tool that turns your mixes into gold here is the opportunity to get it.

Available on the DontCrack store immediately.

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REmatrix Introductory Group-Buy Promotion


EDIT : Until Sunday October 4th, participants can purchase REmatrix at the Discounted price of ONLY $99 !!!

Simply add REmatrix to the cart and copy / paste the following voucher code at check-out :


(make sure not to leave blank spaces before and/or after the voucher code when copying).


DontCrack does it again as we’re offering another unique opportunity to acquire a brand new and unique Plug-in that we love at an amazing price !

From Today, September 9th through Tuesday, September 22nd users can subscribe to our Exclusive Group-Buy Promotion that will make the brand NEW REmatrix convolution reverb available at up to 70% discount. That’s right up to 70% DISCOUNT and a round down price of ONLY $99

Sounds Fantastic, but what exactly is REmatrix ?

Well first of all, REmatrix has been co-developed by our talented friends at MoReVoX and the killer developers at Overloud. REmatrix is the FIRST multilayer convolution reverb that features up to five individual convolvers and an effect chain working together to create complex and unique spaces that cannot be obtained by any other tool.

Impulse Response (IR) reverbs are great, when you need to replicate a static sampled space. However, the typical IRs offers only limited, not to say “simplistic” adjustments and does not allow you to get creative and tweak it until it is perfect. What if you need that greater level of control? What if you want to change the fundamental elements originally captured inside the impulse response?

REmatrix combines five convolvers working simultaneously and in parallel without any phase issues. You can sculpt your own IR by summing the five separate IRs, offering an all new level of customisability inside the reverb. Each of the five IRs can be adjusted using multiple parameters while additional filters offer further tonal control. Furthermore, REmatrix has six Master Effects to define the reverb’s final sound and add that ‘pro polish’ to your final mix.

Check-out this great “REmatrix Video” that shows how YOU can EASILY construct and save your own customised IR presets. Once viewed you’ll certainly wan’t to Download and Try the amazing REmatrix reverb for yourself ;-)

Don’t forget to share the word about our REmatrix Group-Buy Promotion in order to get the best possible price ever on this unique product. The ball is in your court ;-)

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Nomad Factory Magnetic Bundle Promo is Back!


Nomad Factory’s most popular bundle of the Nomad Factory Magnetic II Bundle is available again for the promo price of $99 (MSRP $299).

The individual plug-ins Magnetics II, Cosmos, and Echoes are on sale for just $49.

For those of you who want to know more about the Nomad Factory Magnetic II Bundle SoundBytes has gone into great detail in their review of the three products that are included in this Bundle.

David Baer examines each of the three component plug-ins of the bundle, Cosmos, Echoes, and Magnetic II and puts them to work.

Here is the link to the review.

We would like to thank Dave for taking the time and effort to come up with an evaluation of these fine Nomad Factory products.

The promo is available right now on the DontCrack store.

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