Synchro Arts release Revoice Pro 4


Revoice Pro 4 has over 70 new features and improvements over the previous version. To celebrate this release Synchro Arts are making it available at the special introductory price of $479 (list $599) for a limited period.

Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4 is available at the DontCrack Store

Since its initial launch in 2012, Revoice Pro has become a staple for timing and pitch adjustment for vocals, dialog and instruments for audio engineers in both the music and post production industries. Its users do not only appreciate the time they save on editing tasks, but also the program’s ability to retain the natural sound and feel of the original recording, even while performing significant adjustments to the audio.

Features :

  • The tightness of the transferred feature can be controlled to allow natural acceptable differences to pass through unchanged.
  • Optional user-inserted Protected Regions allow selected sections of the Dub signals to be left unchanged in timing or pitch by the APT process.
  • The automatic APT processing can be followed by (or replaced by) manual editing of the output features.
  • APT Pitch (and other feature’s) processing settings can be made time-varying (automated).
  • Process-based solo switching, via single keys, provides instant audition to compare inputs and outputs one or two signals at a time.
  • The effects of any changes made to APT control panel parameters will be immediately visible (after rendering) in the displayed output graphics of pitch, level and waveform traces.
  • Multiple Dub signals can use the same Guide and be efficiently processed at the same time.
  • A comprehensive Preset system allows saving and reusing settings.
  • Revoice Pro version 4 is now ARA 2 compatible.
  • iLok Cloud based licensing for authorization now supported.
  • Revoice Pro version 4 has a new Vibrato Warp function, which intelligently identifies the singer’s vibrato characteristics.

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Kilohearts Oktoberfest Promos

Kilohearts Logo

From today until October 8th, 2018, get all non-premimum Kilohearts Snapins at 25% off

Check out the Snapin plug-ins available from $14.25 at the DontCrack Store

Kilohearts manufacture audio plugins for all major formats with a strong focus of minimalism and ease-of-use. A Swedish company of three people, that love sound design. Pun intended. They love puns too!

Snap Heap

The Kilohearts Snapin framework is the easiest, most creative, sound design workflow you have ever come across. This free bundle contains Snap Heap, a basic snapin host plugin, alongside 5 useful snapins.

Managing effects is something that’s possible in pretty much every digital audio workstation out there, but managing effect chains can be cumbersome and tedious. With Snap Heap managing complex effect systems is super simple and nothing stands between your creativity and the speaker cones.

Sometimes you want effects to run in series, and sometimes you want them to run in parallel. In Snap Heap, switching between the two is as easy as the push of a button. Clicking the route button between two lanes links them together in parallel mode, running the same audio through both before mixing them together. Want all four lanes to go in parallel, or have two parallel with pre and post FX, or just about anything else? The choice is yours!

Don’t worry about latency. No matter how you route things or what effects you add, Snap Heap makes sure everything is as in sync as they can be to make sure all modulation aligns properly and to avoid phasing issues.


When adding effects to a sound, it’s not uncommon to want to apply these effects to just a certain part of the sound. For example, you might not want a complex chorus to affect your bass too much, or a hard distortion to totally fry your high end. Either way, multi band processing adds a dimension to effect chains that really opens up a new world of options in sound design.

Multipass helps you with this, allowing you to split the input sound into up to 5 easily tweakable frequency bands and applying unlimited number of effects to each band. Pitch shifted auto pan with a filtered chorus delay distortion? Coming right up!

Don’t worry about latency. No matter how you route things or what effects you add, Multipass makes sure everything is as in sync as they can be to make sure all modulation aligns properly and to avoid phasing issues.

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McDSP Flash Sale on their Futzbox, AE600 and the 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip


McDSP Futzbox, AE600 and 6050 Channel Strip Flash Sale, from today until Sept 24th. With Native at $49 and HD at only $69, you can save $200+ on each and add these great products to your plug-in arsenal for your mix and mastering needs.

The Futzbox HD is available on promo on the DontCrack Store

The Futzbox Native is available on promo on the DontCrack Store

The AE600 HD is available on promo on the DontCrack Store

The AE600 Native is available on promo on the DontCrack Store

The 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip HD is available on promo on the DontCrack Store

The 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip Native is available on promo on the DontCrack Store


FutzBox is a distortion and noise generator plug-in for creating low fidelity versions of audio signals.

Typical post productions require distorted, or ‘futzed’ versions of dialog and other tracks. Simulations of radios, cell phones, and televisions are now available in a single software product. These simulations, called SIMs (Synthetic Impulse Models) provide accurate modeling in an extremely optimized format, allowing FutzBox to use less DSP power than conventional convolution based products. Furthermore, SIMs can be scaled in real-time and changed on the fly.

AE600 EQ

The AE600 is the next generation of active equalisation. New and unique EQ modes, independent control of fixed and active EQ bands, and an ultra low latency algorithm make the AE600 the perfect solution for any audio production.

All bands are completely overlapping and can use the input signal or selected side chain inputs to trigger the active EQ response. The active EQ bands can be controlled via the response plot itself, or from the text readouts above and below the response plot.

6050 Ultimate Channel Strip

The 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip includes all the modules from the award-winning 6020 Ultimate EQ and 6030 Ultimate Compressor plug-ins. Additional modules include gates, expanders, signal saturators, and specialized filters.

A module selector panel allows quick auditioning of equalizers, compressors and additional effects. Like the original 6020 and 6030 plug-ins, each new module in the 6050 draws on classic and modern designs over the last four decades. Operation is simple and intuitive, and the sound quality is what professionals worldwide have come to know in McDSP plug-ins.

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Volko Audio “Product Highlight” – Q American Series

Volko Audio - Q American Series

Volko Audio’s Q American Series plug-ins digitally recreate the classic and legendary API 550a, 550b and 560 vintage American console equalizers, and they sound AMAZING! See what all the fuss is about in the news below.

The Q American Series Bundle, available on discount for $179 ($199 list), at the DontCrack Store

The Individual American Series plug-ins are available for just $89 each, here at the DontCrack Store

These equalizers allow you to chisel your signals with surgical precision. They have a modern, easy-to-use user interface. You’ll love their aggressive structure and proportional Q feature.

We use them here at DontCrack on our productions, and literally haven’t heard better from the many out there in the market today, a secret weapon for those wanting fat drums (toms that cut through the mix, sharp snares, smooth cymbals), guitars that are simply “rock ‘n’ roll”, warm and natural vocals…

QA, QB and QG vintage American console equalizer plug-ins support VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats for macOS and Winodws platforms.

Try free for 30 days

Download WIN 32 Download WIN 64 Download OSX

I have been mixing several projects with Q American Series and I’m pretty much loving them. One of the projects I’m working on had a very unpleasantly and poorly recorded, bass heavy sounding, male vocal. I chose some other EQs to remove that low end. I wasn’t quite happy with either of my choices, then I reached for QA, just to check how QA will handle it. And I was pleased to hear how it nailed the task! Just one knob rotation and boom, that nasty low-end crap is gone. Great Sound!

- Igor Korzhov / Mixing Engineer – Russia

I know an EQ is great when I simply put it on a track, don’t make any adjustments, and the track instantly sounds better. That’s what the Q American Series equalizers do for me! Very smooth, transparent highs, clear defined mids, punchy and warm low end without mud. Knobs and faders have nice ballistics and the EQ’s “behave” like their much sought-after hardware equivalents. And they look like 500 series “lunchbox” units too – a nice psychological benefit. Great product!

- Dave Polich / Producer – Composer – U.S.A.

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Toontrack announce Movie Scores Action EZkeys MIDI


Toontrack’s new Movie Scores Action EZkeys MIDI is a collection that has captured every thinkable narrative suited for your action- and suspense-packed soundtracks or song ideas.

Toontrack’s Movie Scores Action EZkeys MIDI pack is available at the DontCrack Store

Imagine a menacing spacecraft ominously hovering over a metropolitan city. Or someone running terrified, falling and stumbling through a dark patch of the deep woods. Or a car chase on the freeway in rush hour traffic. Or a squeaky door, slowly opening… What do you hear?

Expect anything from the haunting, ghastly and deceptively calm to the pulsating, menacing and percussive. Inspired by the great composers of film and TV, like Michael Giacchino, Hans Zimmer and Ramin Djawadi, this is an EZkeys MIDI pack where harmony meets disharmony and where extremes on both ends come full circle – designed to let you scale the heights of your own creative self.

Features :

  • Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by action movie scenes
  • Keywords used for inspiration include: ’80s action, suspense, psycho thriller, percussive action, odd meter action, modern action, crime action, car chase, alien invasion
  • 4/4, 6/8 and 7/8 playing variations in straight feel with tempos ranging from 56 BPM to 154 BPM
  • Intro, main theme, bridge and outro sections
  • Performed by professional session players

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Puremix 35% off Fall Sale


Puremix 3 month and 1 year subscriptions are currently on promo at 35% off the regular price until the end of September. Here is your chance to learn all the tips and tracks of your favourite producer and sound engineers.

The Puremix – One Year Subscription is available on promo for only $179.99 (list $274.99) on the DontCrack Store

The Puremix – Three Month Subscription is available on promo for only $74.99 (list $104.99) on the DontCrack Store

About Puremix Tutorials

Puremix has created quite a name for itself by bringing really clear and insightful tutorials to the web to assist those persons who haven’t had access to the “traditional” way of learning all the tips and tricks that help one to get the most out of mixing and recording.

A lot of time and effort has gone into producing great instructional videos and session templates that reveal how audio professionals get their recordings sounding just the way they want them to.

Many of the best known producers and engineers share their knowledge and experience to show you how to get the very best results from your recordings and mixes. Learn from the likes of Andrew Scheps (Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2), Chris Lord-Alge (U2, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse), Al Schmitt (Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Steely Dan, George Benson), Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, The Deadweather, The Raconteurs) and Mick Guzauski (Daft Punk, Prince, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire) to name just a few.

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Blue Cat Audio Launches Guitar Contest


Blue Cat Audio has announced the launch of a guitar contest with the opportunity to win copies of their acclaimed guitar & audio software, worth $1,796. Here is an opportunity to show off your guitar playing chops and win some cool prizes.

Blue Cat Audio products are available on the DontCrack Store

About the Contest

To enter the competition, just record yourself playing your own guitar solo on the backing track provided by JTC and written by Martin Miller, using one of the Blue Cat Audio amp simulation plug-ins: Blue Cat’s Free Amp, or the demo of Blue Cat’s Destructor or Axiom.

Upload your video to your YouTube account and share it on the Blue Cat Audio Facebook page. 10 players will be selected from the YouTube likes, and the final jury (composed by Martin Miller, Jean Fontanille, Hans Van Even and the Blue Cat Audio team) will vote for the 4 winners.

The contest will be running from September 17th until November 15th 2018. Detailed entry rules and prizes can be found here:

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Kilohearts Bitcrush and Comb Filter Promo


Kilohearts are running a 50% off promo on both Bitcrush and Comb Filter until September 23rd, as part of their Artist Pick promotions. Each plug-in only $9!

This pick is from Orge (Robin Ogden), a composer for games and visual media, self confessed tape loop splicer, spring reverb tickler, and harbinger of imagined soundtracks for films that don’t exist.

Kilohearts Bitcrush and Comb Filter on promo, here at the DontCrack Store

“I really, really love the snapin system. It’s such a fresh tool, and the interface for each snapin component is so wonderfully minimalist. It’s simple to create complex audio ecologies which interact with each other and inspire and alter material in new and exciting ways.

Often though I find myself reaching for snapins on their own. Comb Filter is irreplaceable, and has become my go-to for all comb-filtering plugins and duties. Stereo has an instant widening effect that I’ve not found elsewhere. I’m not sure what mojo is going on under the hood, but it can enhance the natural width or dramatically widen any stereo material. It’s my staple for stereo imaging and audio field placement. I use it on pads, drones and atmospheres all the time.

I’m completely turned on to Bitcrush currently for all things digital cronch. I’ve been in pursuit of a plugin flexible enough to impart a variety of ‘dawn of digial sampling’ flavours in my workflow for a long while. Bitcrush has saved me so much time, as I’m no longer recording things in and out of temperamental old samplers. It’s awesome to have so much control over each step of the virtual AD/DA pathway. It’s a really fantastic plugin!”


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AKAI Professional release Vintage Provider for MPC

AKAI MPC Expansion - Vintage Provider

AKAI Professional & MSXII Sound Design are proud to bring you a favourite in their MPC Expansion Instrument Series sound packs. Vintage Provider, available today for $23.99 at the DontCrack Store.

Purchase Vintage Provider for your MPC Hardware and Software, here at the DontCrack Store

Vintage Provider is the perfect instrument pairing partner to the critically acclaimed Soul Provider MPC expansion. It brings a plethora of vintage synthesized bass, leads, pads, plucks, stabs, and even rhodes to your MPC library. When you need THAT sound, look no further, MSXII Sound Design & AKAI have you covered.

Vintage Provider is laced with a blend of new and vintage, acoustic & synthesized instruments from yesterday & tomorrow.

Each sound has been carefully sampled and created using complex FX chains; providing users with an authentic, soulful, & MSXII Sound. There are also added lush reverbs, tasteful LFO modulation, and stereo widening chorus & delay FX which will get you from an initial idea to beat-making creativity in no time!

Requirements :

AKAI Professional MPC hardware/software is required. Here is a list of supported devices: -

  • MPC 2.0 Software
  • MPC Essentials
  • MPC Live / X (Standalone)

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BeatSkillz’ Valvesque Distortion EQ is on Sale !

BeatSkillz - Valvesque

From today until September 30th, you can purchase BeatSkillz Valvesque at the discount price of only $25! That’s an incredible saving on the $149 list price, here at the DontCrack Store.

BeatSkillz Valvesque, on promo here at the DontCrack Store

Valvesque is a Stereo Valve (Tube) Distortion EQ. The plug-in models the sound of British Valve Distortion found on major hit records of today, and also features a Varislope Equalizer for an always musically pleasing sound. It has been designed with proprietary “Reactive Transients Technology” (RTT).

Features :

  • Two distinct Distortion Types : A (Triode) & B (Pentode)
  • Six modes for each distortion type
  • Valve circuit drive (increased distortion controlled by the Input Gain)
  • Stereo link
  • Varislope EQ
  • Pre/ Post- Distortion Eq Mode
  • “Smooth” Mode (tube emulation and less harsh peaks)
  • Wet/Dry mix control for parallel processing

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