Waves Compressors Sale

Waves Compressors SEPT2021

All compressor plugins at $29.99 after coupon CREATE40

All Waves compressor plugins are at $29.99 for a limited time. Use coupon code CREATE40 at checkout.

Free Plug-in offer :

  • Spend $50 get 1 FREE plug-in
  • Spend $90 get 2 FREE plug-ins
  • Spend $120, get 3 FREE plug-ins

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Kuassa (((Reverb & Delay))) Flash Sale

Kuassa EFEKTOR Revern Delay 2021

SAVE 50% on Efektor RV3604 Reverb & Efektor DL36060 Delay

Your guitar tones lack that lush reverb and delay? Get both and SAVE 50% now on a 5 days flash sale.

Efektor RV3604 Reverb & Efektor DL36060 Delay are now both at $12.5 each (List $25).

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FLUX:: Ircam Verb Promotion

Ircam Verb-Promo-2021-fin

The best tool for creating “real spaces” in audio mixing

The Ircam Verb, halfway between reverberation and a spatialization engine, is a really interesting product representing the state-of-the-art in-room acoustics simulation and reverberation. Built on decades of research by IRCAM’s Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team, offering unique innovative acoustic simulation techniques using complex perceptual models.

The strength of the Verb engine is the ability it has to create an acoustic field taking into account the spatialization of the sources. It results in first reflection, late reflections, and diffuse fields that follow the localization. The Ircam Verb is at the foundation of our flagship immersive software, SPAT Revolution.

Time-limited promotion introducing the revised updated version of Ircam Verb :

Updates and Improvements :

  • Setup section updated to handle various track format types and channel order
  • Automatic detection of track format/channel order for some DAWs
  • Improved handling of the localization for 3D
  • Layer based arrangements such as Atmos

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New Audiomodern FREE plugin Gatelab


The Creative Gate Sequencer – FREE

Gatelab is a new creative gate sequencer, volume Modulation generator and beyond.

Get the FREE VST/AU Plugin here.

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New VocAlign Project 5

vocalign-Project-5-rectangle-banner-2280 × 830-rapper-final

VocAlign Project 5 and upgrades are discounted by up to 33%

The industry standard plugin for aligning audio, VocAlign Project 5 takes two separate vocal performances and effortlessly aligns their timing in seconds. Don’t waste your time manually tightening vocals, VocAlign saves hours of tedious editing so you can focus on what’s important, being creative and hitting deadlines.

Feature highlights :

  • NEW! Tightness Control
  • NEW! SmartAlign
  • NEW! Alignment Presets
  • NEW! Enhanced Waveform Display
  • NEW! Fully Resizable GUI Window
  • NEW! Two activations included with each license
  • NEW! All iLok Copy Protection options supported (no iLok USB dongle needed)
  • Full ARA2 (Audio Random Access) support for enhanced workflow with compatible DAWs e.g. Logic, Studio One and Cubase Pro.

VocAlign Project 5 replaces VocAlign Project 3 and any users who registered VocAlign Project 3 after March 16th, 2021 will be eligible for a free upgrade which they can redeem from the Synchro Arts website.

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BFD Promos Week 3

BFD Imperial Drums SEPT2021

New set of expansions on promo every week – Up to 70% Off

BFD acclaimed drum software, BFD3 is designed to sound great! It offers instant results with unlimited depth as well as intelligent drum and dynamics modelling.

In addition to this, there are expansions full of stunning new kits for every style of music on sale throughout September.

Week 3 : BFD promos start from as little as $19.99 for Groove Packs and only $29 for Drum Expansions. Save $300 on BDF3.

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Nomad Analog Mastering Tools is on promo

Nomad Analog Mastering Tools SEPT2021

Redefine your work with richness and warmth.

Analog Mastering Tools is a superb limiter and multi-band dynamics processor for mixing and mastering your music. Both are modeled on the sonic characteristics of the very best-sounding tube based equipement of the analog era.

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Sonivox Solina Redux promo

SONiVOX Solina Redux PROMO SEPT2021

Buy Solina Redux on promo, get a FREE TimewARP 2600

The SONiVOX Solina Redux Promo includes the heavenly sounding Arp Solina String Ensemble Emulation AND a FREE TimewARP 2600 at a great price.

A saving of $319, for a limited time only !

Solina Redux virtual instrument adds a sweet sounding virtual analog synthesizer to a classic reproduction of an Arp Solina String Ensemble, then throws in TWO fully programmable 8-step sequencers to boot. It’s a match made in heaven and one that produces sonic textures you simply can’t get any other way.

TimewARP 2600 delivers the same fat sound as the original ARP 2600 synthesizers with twice the flexibility; at a fraction of the price of the original. This is one synth that you can’t afford to be without.

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Duy Wide is on promo

DUY Wide SEPT2021

Stereo and Multichannel Spatial Enhancer – 30% off

DUY Wide is a stereo and multichannel spatial enhancer.

Its processing allows you to widen your stereo image and place sounds outside the physical speaker locations while retaining mono compatibility and transparency.

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United Plugins FirePresser is on promo

United Plugins FirePresser SEPT2021

Natural and Powerful Compression – 45% off

FireSonic, part of United Plugins, introduces a brand new attitude to serial compression. Instead of using several plugins in your tracks inserts you may engage a single plugin – FirePresser.

FirePresser is the third plugin by FireSonic. It is basically a series of simulations of four types of iconic analogue compressors (Stressor, 76, DB160 and vari-mu) which will find its use anywhere where advanced compression is needed.

With a simple (drag&drop) move you may freely rearrange the order of the compressors. FirePresser’s Rainbow Pad gives you control over the amount of presence of every compressor in the chain. Drag just one parameter to control all four compressors and achieve the best results.

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