Waves announces Vitamin!

Waves has announced Vitamin Sonic Enhancer at a special introductory price of only $99 instead of the regular list of $200.

If you want to make tracks sound powerful and full of spark, then Vitamin Sonic Enhancer is the product for you.

Waves Vitamin by combining a multiband harmonic enhancer and tone-shaping possibilities can add new zest as you mix an enriched version with the original signal.

With its zero-latency processing, Vitamin caters to studio and live mix engineers alike. Used as an insert on any track or buss, Vitamin instantly delivers a warm, vital result that is comparable to what you would get from a parallel chain of EQ, compression and saturation processors, but without the hassle.

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Plugivery : a New Audio Software Distribution Service for Dealers.

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new audio software distribution website called Plugivery (plug-in delivery). While Plugivery is a B to B (business to business) website, end-users will also find useful information about the products they want to use in their daily tasks. Plugivery provides clear product descriptions, OS compatibility and requirements, the latest updates and their download links, Manufacturer’s videos, tweets and much more content that will help you purchase only the best audio software & plug-ins available from your preferred music store. Plugivery lists hundreds of music stores around the world and makes it easy for them to propose the finest audio software to their customers.

Plugivery aims at being a useful bridge between audio manufacturers and audio dealers. Many great plug-in developers are not represented in music stores simply due to a lack of distribution, that is due in part to the “virtual” nature of the products they build. Plugivery is the first website totally designed and dedicated to distributing audio software to dealers. We have designed the website to make it clear, fast and easy for dealers to promote and sell the best software available on the market.

Plugivery will certainly help many audio software manufacturers by introducing their products into hundreds of cool music stores around the world and therefore offering them great new opportunities to market and sell their products.

visit Plugivery Audio Software Distribution

Audio Software Distribution

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Eventide H3000 and Blackhole promo during April !

Eventide is doing a great promo on two of the most important products, the H300 Factory and the Blackhole reverb plug-in during the month of April.

We have just recently added the Eventide line to our store and we are very proud to have these important software emulations of their famous hardware that have been used on countless productions.

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Flux celebrates AAX DSP compatibility with a 50% off Promo!

Today we are proud to announce that our friends at Flux:: after much hard work and devoting much time and resources have managed to upgrade all of their products to the AAX DSP platform.

This excludes the IRCAM products and Flux’s Alchemist that use a very extensive algorithm that exceeds the DSP resources available on the HDX cards for the moment and are unlikely to be ported to the DSP platform in the near future…

On top of that the entire Version 3 product line has been entirely built around Flux’s latest 64-bit version 3 framework, vastly improving the processing performance depending on the host environment it is used in.

The graphic rendering in the v3 version uses a very GPU-efficient 2D/3D graphic engine specially designed by Flux. This engine, introduced first in the Pure Analyzer System, is based on the OpenGL standard optimizing the audio-to-visual experience by utilizing the computer’s built in graphics card to give you the best possible feedback.

We should mention again that all Flux:: products have been ported to the Native AAX format and that was really quite an achievement as many developers are still struggling to be compatible with the AAX and some haven’t even started working on the AAX DSP format.

Congratulations to the folks at Flux:: for their hard work resulting in this achievement!!!

Check-out the 50% Off Flux:: from our store !

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Cakewalk announces the SONAR X3e Update

A new update is available for SONAR X3 Studio, and SONAR X3 Producer that addresses user reported issues. In order to install this update you must have SONAR X3 already installed. Note that this is a cumulative update. You can install SONAR X3e directly over the any of the following versions of SONAR X3:
SONAR X3 release version (available on discs),
SONAR X3a ESD version (available as a digital download)

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Blue Cat Audio’s 8 new updates

Blue Cat Audio are happy announce new versions of 8 of their plug-ins: Blue Cat’s Dynamics, FreqAnalyst Pro, MB-5 Dynamix, Remote Control, StereoScope Pro, and the Parametr’EQ series have all been updated to fix a few compatibility issues and improve the experience on newer systems.

The update is free for existing customers, and the new version can be found at the same place as the initial download that was sent by email.

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GRM “Secret Weapons” Promo Extended

Until the 9th of March, all the GRM products are on promo at up to -50% off. Here is a rare opportunity to get the “Secret Weapons” of the most successful Re-Mixers and all Major Film and Post-Production facilities.

Take me to the shop !

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Flux’s Pure series V3 adds 64 bit and AAX support and a Promo!

Flux has announced the version 3 of their “Pure” series that adds support for 64 bit and AAX DSP/Native formats for ProTools.

Included in this update are the following products, Pure Compressor v3, Pure DCompressor v3, Pure DExpander v3 and Pure Limiter v3, the AAX DSP products, and the bundles that the products are included in, Mastering Pack 1.1, Recording Pack, Pure Pack, and the Elemental Pack and their AAX DSP/Native versions.

To celebrate this new version, Flux has decided to offer a 30% reduction on these new products until the middle of March, so don’t miss out.

For all current owners of any of these plug-ins, the upgrade to the v3 builds with 64-bit and AAX Native, is FREE of charge, you just need to download the v3 installers from the Flux website download page.

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Acon Digital has released version 1.2.0 of their Restoration Suite

Acon Digital has released version 1.2.0 of their Restoration Suite, a plug-in suite for professional grade audio restoration.

The new version supports the AAX plug-in interface, thus allowing the included restoration tools to be used in the AVID Pro Tools product family. The plug-ins can be used in real-time or as Audio Suite tools.

Restoration Suite includes the tools DeNoise for broadband noise reduction, DeHum to filter out hum and buzz noise, DeClick to remove typical pops and crackles from vinyl and 78 RPM recordings as well as DeClip to reconstruct clipped peaks.

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Text a Sweet Video Song to your Loved One for FREE !

Here at Dontcrack we like to do things “differently”. But we guess you already knew that, didn’t you?

Well today, we are offering… a tender Love Song that you may want to share with your loved one on Valentine’s day (February 14).

Now it might sound a bit “kitch” but we like it and we think your partner will love it ! It’s a short (1m30) unplugged version of the original with a cute heart beat animation. We’re pretty sure that she or he will find it very… “romantique”. (Works great on mobile devices) !

Text this sweet music video 2 your loved one’s smartphone for FREE :

I ❤ U

If you like what we do at DontCrack, Please Buy the FULL Version for ONLY $1 !

The Original Single “I Love U” is now available from the DontCracks store and ALL online stores listed below..

When purchased from the DontCrack store, customers will also receive the STUDIO SESSION with all 40 audio tracks as well as song lyrics with chords and more.

We hope many of you will enjoy re-mixing or re-arranging the song. We will open a group on SoundCloud for you to post original versions of the song.

If we happen to hear exciting things (which we don’t doubt we will) we might contact you to co-produce the song. We will never use any material or original concepts without prior written consent of the author(s). The actual version of the song and the audio files have been copy-protected to avoid any future conflicts.

We hope you appreciate our “different” idea. And that your partner who gets the song, gives you a big kiss in return ;-)

Imagine if 5 billion lovers shared “I ❤ U” on February 14…

About Rick Paris

The song was composed, performed and produced by Eric (alias Rick Paris) who is the President and CEO at DontCrack and Plug & Mix (yes, we all do music at DontCrack / P&M).

It’s a simple easy listening POP song with a strong 70s influence. The recording started in the office at DontCrack on a basic M-Box with Pro Tools (Acoustic Guitars + Voice).

Eric then moved the project to the basement studio where he recorded live drums, bass, vocals, electric guitars, keyboards, etc. He then mixed the song using ONLY Plug & Mix plug-ins which enabled him to get that “70s” mood very easily…

[The Plug & Mix V.I.P. Bundle is actually sold at the promoted price of ONLY $179 !]

Have FUN !
The DontCrack Team

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