Delivering Mixes to Streaming Websites? This is What you Need!

The Modern Mastering bundle is on promo at $299 (MSRP $550) exclusively here at DontCrack.

It is a nightmare to deal with the numerous codecs and file formats available to upload mixes on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

We discussed this with our friends at Nugen Audio and they kindly provided us with a complete and comprehensive bundle of 3 plugins that will give you the tools to get the optimal settings to upload your mixes and videos on streaming websites with complete peace of mind.

Last year, over 400 billion song streams were logged in the USA alone via services such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. In 2015, revenue from music streaming platforms surpassed that of downloads, CD’s and vinyl combined. Your work need to be at its best to compete in all these formats.

Streaming uses codecs. People are not listening to your superb .wav or aiff files, they are listening to AAC and Ogg Vorbis files. These files don’t behave as nicely as the audio in your DAW.

What sounds great on your studio monitors may not sound the same at all once your audio has been encoded end compressed by streaming platforms. They’re all different which makes things even more difficult to predict how they will turn out. It is therefore essential that you fully understand and audition what is happening to your work before you upload your mixes to one or several streaming websites. It is also important to make sure your final audio files have optimal levels for each platform’s downstream.

Codecs may not correctly handle your audio if your mixes or masters are not well optimised or “prepared” for them. They may therefore lead to distortion or other unwanted artefacts in the stream that are not present in the original master files. You therefore need to have the right tools to analyse and encode your master files to make them fully compliant with the streaming platform’s codecs.

Nugen Audio’s “Modern Mastering bundle” is the ‘must have’ toolkit to deliver perfectly mastered audio files to all major streaming platforms with total confidence.

The “Modern Mastering bundle” contains:

MasterCheck Pro

Using a real-time encoding plug-in, such as MasterCheck Pro, allows you to regain control over your levels. Monitoring several codecs simultaneously from within your DAW lets you make informed choices about how to handle peak audio levels for optimal playback across the streaming platforms.

All streaming services employ codecs to reduce the bandwidth required to deliver music to the listener. Listening to these codecs, it becomes clear that there is a big quality difference between the different codecs and bandwidths available. MasterCheck Pro lets you hear these problems in real time and correct them.

ISL 2st

If you are using a limiter, you will have a true-peak limiter at the end of your chain, the ISL 2st. The harder you push a sample peak limiter, the more likely you are to introduce inter-sample peaks. Remember, you won’t necessarily hear the problem in your session (unless you are monitoring an encoding process through MasterCheck Pro of course!). Your DAW will happily run at a high bit depth, using floating point calculations giving a headroom way in excess of any sensible requirement. The problems only appear as you export your mix and encode for streaming!


Visualizer gives you indispensable audio analysis for quality audio production, with a standardised reference set of professional tools that let you work faster, avoid mistakes, repeat past success and leverage the success of others.

Visualizer’s unique intelligent window facility lets you select multiple view combinations, automatically resizing and aligning windows to maximise legibility and cross referencing information across screens. No need to switch between plugins to get the combination of views you want. User configurable presets let you switch instantly between setups and interface sizes to build the workflow that suits you.

From today until the end of August you can get this amazing bundle consisting of MasterCheck Pro, ISL 2st and Visualizer. It allows you to pre-audition and correct levels for the targeted streaming services. You can hear EXACTLY what your tracks will sound like on Youtube, Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music, and be assured of total satisfaction for yourself and your followers.

These 3 product sold separately would cost you $550 but during our EXCLUSIVE promo these are made available for only $299! That is 45% off list for a very useful toolset that can solve many tricky and problematic situations and save you a lot of frustration.

Modern Mastering bundle Video

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Tek’it Audio updates “DigitD” Distortion Plug-in to v1.1.0

Our partner Tek’it Audio is constantly improving their products. The latest product to be updated and refined is DigitD.

DigitD their overdrive distortion effect is now available in version 1.1.0. This update adds Save/Undo all changes on the preset manager, a Post filter mode to get more distortion flavor, improves performance on both Windows/macOS and brings some enhancements to the user interface.

Changes and Improvement in Version 1.1.0 :

  • ISSUE signal was still limited when bypassed, fixed.
  • Add Post filter mode and switch modes control.
  • Add Save Changes control in the preset manager.
  • Add Undo All Changes control in the preset manager.
  • Add 8 new presets.
  • Increased maximum preset number per bank to 24.
  • Improved performances on macOS and Windows.
  • UI new preset manager design.
  • UI improved knob value readouts.
  • UI improved background.
  • UI updated About screen.
  • Improved user manual.

DigitD is available for $39 ($49 List) at the DontCrack Store.


DigitD Soundcloud files

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Overloud Announces the Release of ‘Artist Pack’

Our friends at Overloud have just released ‘Artist Pack’. A pack specifically designed for Overloud’s TH3 guitar amp simulator, with 40 FREE presets of famous songs!

Have you always been looking to replicate that fuzzy guitar tone in Jimi’s Purple Haze or the slightly distorted clean tone from Pink Floyd’s The Wall, or many other guitar tones from the many classics we’ve had over the years? Well this is definitely the pack for you!

Head over here at Overloud’s website here to get the ‘Artist Pack’ for free.

Artist Pack

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Waves Announces “Pianos & Keys” Bundle

With the release of their new plug-in “Clavinet”, Waves are proud to announce the release of a new bundle “Piano & Keys”: a hand-picked suite of the electric and acoustic keys that have defined pop, rock, funk, soul and R&B, faithfully sampled and revived.

The pianos and keys in this collection capture every articulation, hammer-hitting tone and string-striking mechanic of the highly-coveted originals. Whether you’re a professional keyboard player, a songwriter or a producer playing in the studio or live on stage, you will enjoy the true feel, expression and rich dynamic response of these authentic instruments.

This collection includes five VST instruments:

  • Grand Rhapsody Piano: Faithfully sampled from the Fazioli F228 grand piano at London’s Metropolis Studios, using 8 pairs of first-class condenser, dynamic & ribbon microphones
  • Electric 88 Piano: Captures all the soul and sweetness of two authentic, road-worn 88-key suitcase pianos; “Top of the class for Fender Rhodes VI’s” (master keyboardist Jason Miles)
  • Electric 200 Pianos: Sampled from an original 200A-model electric piano to revive that classic, gritty, fat and majestic Wurly sound”
  • Electric Grand 80 Piano: Delivering the era-defining polish and brilliant tones of the original hybrid electric-acoustic CP-80 model piano
  • Clavinet: Faithfully sampled from an original D6-model Clavinet made famous by Stevie Wonder capturing every articulation of the original funkified icon

Features :

  • Waves’ iconic pianos and keys in one collection
  • State-of-the-art performance by the Waves Sample Engine (WSE)
  • Global Tune, Velocity & FX controls
  • Can be played as plugins or as standalone instruments
  • MIDI-assignable
  • NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine
  • Global tune control; MIDI-assignable
  • 64-bit and 32-bit versions
  • NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine
  • High-definition (HD) and Standard (SD) sample libraries

Piano & Keys is currently on promo for $145 (MSRP $299), at the DontCrack Store.

Waves Piano&Keys


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BeatSkillz’s TWO day promo on Slam Pro

For only two days you can get widely acclaimed Slam Pro at the special price of $49 instead of the $149 list price, August 9th and 10th 2017.

SLAM PRO from BeatSkillz is a Mix Phattener Processor with control over the Bass Section, Presence and Air, Compression, Saturation, Stereo Width and Loudness of your track. All these sections of this amazing plugin come with selections for different “Flavours”.

All musicans and producers have different tastes and different genres of tracks that they create, hence why BeatSkillz created the ultimate channel strip with 3 knobs for controlling the Sub Bass, Thump & Low Boom of the channel or mix. There are 3 Flavours of Heat ( Saturation ), 3 types of AIRZ or High Frequency & presence control, and 4 types of POP Compression suitable for the entire mix and drums/instruments/synths & sampler sounds. A “Crush” Limiter and Loudness Maximizer are also provided to keep you from overloading whilst raising your levels to match that reference material curently charting.


  • Bass Enhancer
  • 3 Saturation Modes (Heat)
  • 3 Mid/High End Precense Control Modes
  • 4 Compression Modes (Pop)
  • Crush Limiter
  • Level Maximizer
  • Stereo Enhancer
  • Wey/Dry Mix Control
  • New in v1.2 : “Smooth” mode in the “HEAT” Distortion section, providing a louder tube sound and also less harsh peaks

BeatSkillz Slam Pro is available for only $49 on August 9th and 10th 2017 at the DontCrack Store.

BeatSkillz Slam Pro

Slam Pro VIDEO :

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Waves Releases “Clavinet” !

Waves are proud to announce the release of “Clavinet”; a new product which was accurately sampled from one of the funkiest keyboards ever created: the iconic D6 model Clavinet famous for its percussive playability and gritty sound.

The original Clav has always held a special appeal in funk, fusion, rock and soul music for its unique melodic twang and sonic versatility, from brilliant, vibrant, nitty and gritty to soft, rich, mellow tones.

For this instrument, Waves meticulously sampled every texture, articulation and hammer tip string-striking mechanic of the authentic D6 Clavinet in both the muted and unmuted modes, recreating all the dynamic control, feel and expression of the original funkified icon.

Using only a few controls, you can achieve an array of deep sonic textures, capturing the distinctive timbre of the Clavi’s unique single-coil pickups. Choose from the selection of factory presets, featuring patches modeled after Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” Billy Preston’s “Outta Space” and other classic songs; or shape your own tones using the built-in auto-wah, amp overdrive and other effects.

Features :

  • Accurately sampled from the original D6 model Clavinet
  • Built-in FX section including advanced auto-wah, phaser, chorus, reverb
  • Full velocity response mix control with key up and mechanics features
  • Customizable EQ section for further tone shaping
  • Mute slider control for decayed staccato or mellow sustain
  • Amp overdrive control with tube condenser and dynamic microphone selectors
  • Global tune control; MIDI-assignable
  • 32-bit & 64-bit
  • NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine
  • Can be used as a plugin or as a standalone instrument
  • Powered by the Waves Sampler Engine (WSE)

Clavinet is currently on promo for $29 (MSRP $69), at the DontCrack Store.

Waves Clavinet


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Mastering the Mix announce REFERENCE

Mastering the Mix established a reputation for building great tools with their first commercial product LEVELS. They have just announced their latest offering REFERENCE that will increase that reputation even further.

Everyone uses reference mixes to judge how their mixes and mastering efforts stack up against the best examples they have available. But as we all know there are problems of matching to already mastered work, setting up loops to flip back and forth to check different sections, aligning the sync of parts of different version of alternative mixes and so on.

That is all a thing of the past once you have REFERENCE up and running. Mastering the Mix has basically thought of everything that was problematic and found solutions for almost every scenario you can think of. It is a hyper-useful tool that will make complex referencing child’s play instead of a burden. Take a look at the videos below and find out how amazing it is.

Features :

  • Compare your mix or master to up to 20 reference tracks.
  • The powerful Level Match tool allows you to instantly and accurately match the loudness of your track and your references. This is crucial for a fair comparison.
  • Add, remove and solo bands in the Trinity Display to zone in on the intricate differences between your mix and your references.
  • The Level Lines in the Trinity Display tells you how much perceived volume that frequency band has compared to the same frequency band in your reference track.
  • The Stereo Spread in the Trinity Display displays the stereo width of both your original track and your reference in each frequency band.
  • The Punch Dots in the Trinity Display will tell you how the short-term dynamic range of your track compares to the short-term dynamic range of your reference in each frequency band.
  • The time-saving Auto Align button identifies if you have different versions of the same song and lines them up automatically, so you can seamlessly switch between them.
  • The Wave Transport allows you to create multiple loops so you can quickly compare various sections of your track to your reference.
  • Sharp retina display with resizable window as well as compact mode.
  • Easy to set up, with user-friendly, non technical controls. Interactive tool tips can be activated in settings for more information.

REFERENCE is available for $59 ($89 List) off at the DontCrack Store.


REFERENCE Overview Video


Mastering With REFERENCE

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Wave Arts 40% off Summer Sale

Starting today until the 31st of August Waves Arts is celebrating summer with 40% off all their products.

Founded in 1998 by MIT Media Lab Ph.D. Bill Gardner, Wave Arts have been developing professional audio processing software for a variety of markets. Used by recording studios, television and radio stations, and musicians, their plug-ins combine innovative algorithms with great user interfaces designed for efficient workflow. They sound fabulous, are easy to use, and don’t hog CPU resources.

There are some great products to be had at these promo prices. Tube Saturator 2 is a super accurate circuit simulation of a tube pre-amp with analog EQ, which can be overdriven gently for warming effects, or cranked for fat distortion. MasterVerb sounds great. The rooms sound natural and spacious. The plates are extremely dense. The decays are silky smooth without annoying artifacts. The reverb is clearly audible without being muddy. Be sure to check out all the fine Wave Arts products to see if there is a gem waiting for you.

Wave Arts products are available for 40% off throughout August at the DontCrack Store.

Wave Arts

Wave Arts Power Suite VIDEO :

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Zynaptiq’s ADAPTIVERB on Promo!

Here is your exceptional chance to get the most revolutionary and sought-after reverb plug-in on the market. From today until the 10th of August you can save 40% off the $249 list price!

ADAPTIVERB is a revolutionary reflectionsless reverberation plugin. Unlike traditional reflection-based acoustic room modeling, ADAPTIVERB adds perceived depth, harmonic richness, and butter-smooth tails without obscuring the source. Preserving the tonal definition and directness of your mix, it adds size, glue and body – making it perfect for mixing and mastering applications alike.

While exceptionally fast to use, its advanced synthesis, cross-filtering and reverb pitch processing functionality provides ambient artists, film composers and sound designers with exciting new creative options for making evolving drones, organic pads, lush ambient sound scapes, and more.

ADAPTIVERB is available right now on Promo (Only $149!!!) at The DontCrack Store.


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Puremix release “Luca Pretolesi Mixing Major Lazer”

Puremix today announce the release of their new video tutorial from Luca Pretolesi, “Luca Pretolesi Mixing Major Lazer”.

Multi-platinum mixing and mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi takes you step by step through his entire mixing and mastering process for Major Lazer’s hit single “Light It Up (Remix)”.

Luca is Major Lazer’s “Finisher” and helps Diplo and his team combine multiple sessions into one sonic masterpiece.

Learn Luca’s hybrid workflow and see how he takes a great static mix, applies stereo bus processing and then digs into the details it takes to create a hit-sounding EDM record.

Luca teaches you his tips and tricks for mixing modern electronic/pop music including:

  • Mixing with the final master in mind
  • Create a present midrange on a dense mix
  • Analog and digital stem mixing process using analog EQ, compression and summing
  • Add thickness and a more organic sound to electronic ITB productions
  • Removing reverb from a synth stem
  • Add top-end clarity and mid-range punch heard on every modern pop and EDM mix
  • Sidechain filtering for a focused bus compression
  • Multiband stereo image processing to open up the top end with the perfect amount of dimension
  • Automating the master bus for maximum impact on the drop

Hear countless before and after comparisons to learn the sound and attitude that’s required to create a killer mix.

When it comes to mixing EDM there are no rules and now is your chance to see how Grammy nominated mixing/mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi breaks the rules and delivers a slamming sounding mix!

BONUS: The artist and their label was gracious enough to allow pureMixers the chance to try their hand at mixing a portion of the the song using the same raw multitrack stems Luca mixed.

About Luca Pretolesi :

Luca (Credits: Major Lazer, Steve Aoki, Borgeous, Dimitry Vegas and Like Mike, Snoop Lion, Diplo) stands out among a sea of electronic engineers with his unique hybrid set-up, mixing old and new technology for an end result like no other. In place of a traditional mixing studio, he has created a mix of equipment including computer plugins, and custom made hardware, EQ’s and compressors, and high-end mastering gear. This combination of analog and digital parts allows him to add his touch to any project of any style as he has the best of both technological worlds at his fingertips.

Luca Pretolesi Mixing Major Lazer, available now, at the DontCrack Store.

Puremix - Luca Pretolesi Mixing Major Lazer

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