DontCrack’s 10th Anniversary Coming Up…

Dear Friends,

It’s that back to school period again and this one will be very special for us as we are shortly going to celebrate DontCrack’s 10th ANNIVERSARY!

That’s right, DontCrack was “officially” launched in October 2006 and we were the very first audio plug-in store to sell third party software, moreover, with instant download delivery.

That makes us the oldest Audio Plug-in Store and a reference for the whole music industry. Imagine, we were there before Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and ALL of our competitors way before they even thought about going live on the Internet. ;-)

This newsletter has been sent to over 150,000 loyal customers that rely on us to promote and support ONLY the very best audio software available on the market.

Our customers also know that we provide quick and professional customer support and that they can retrieve any order confirmation ONLINE by simply connecting to our efficient Help Center.

It’s not secret that we’ve maintained solid partnerships with many leading audio plug-in manufacturers listed at DontCrack and that we have been very influential in the development of many best selling products.

We even created our own plug-in company in 2011 under the acclaimed brand “Plug & Mix”. P&M now counts over 25,000 proud followers on Facebook and has sold for over $1,000,000 since 2013.

We also proudly launched in 2013, and in just over 2 years, Plugivery has become a leading online distribution service that delivers amazing products for Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS), Audionamix, BBE Sound, Flux, GRM Tools, Ircam Lab, Metric Halo, Nomad Factory, Nugen Audio, Overloud and many other leading brands to hundreds of solid Pro Audio Retailers all around the globe…

How did we achieve all of that in ONLY 10 years? There’s no magic, we worked hard and we did our very best to provide a great user experience to all of our customers. We love what we do and we are actively working to provide more cool services…

Now, stay tuned cause we’re back to school and we’ll have many great product announcements and hot partner promotions from today until the end of the year!

Feel free to post any comments (good or bad) in our dedicated forums as these help us greatly improve our services. You may also Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with our latest information.

Thank you so much for being a loyal customer. See you soon at!

Kind regards,

Eric Nolot
Co-Founder and CEO

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Tek’It Audio Announce DigitD ‘HQ Distortion Unit’

Our friends at Tek’It Audio have announced their new HQ Distortion Unit, “DigitD”…!

DigitD is a high quality overdrive distortion for VST2, VST3 and Audio Unit plug-in formats.

DigitD creates soft to extreme distortion helped by the “Drive” control to add up to 100dB of overdrive. Especially effective on kick drum and bass sounds, DigitD can be used on a variety of other sounds thanks to its ZDF pre-filter to bake your perfect tones.

The interface features a “Mix” control for blending the original sound with the sound of DigitD and an “Output Gain” control with a limiter stage to drive your distortion even further.

Features :

  • High quality digital overdrive distortion
  • ZDF State Variable pre­-filter
  • High­Pass and Band­Pass filter modes
  • Mix and output gain controls
  • Activable gain stage clipper
  • Alias mode to get back a bit of aliasing
  • Value readout on each knob
  • Bypass switch
  • x16 Oversampling
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • Full MIDI automation support
  • Preset manager, rename, save, load presets and banks
  • Works in mono or stereo
  • 16 factory presets

DigitD ‘HQ Distortion Unit’ is available for ONLY $32!!! at The DontCrack Store.

DigitD HQ Distortion

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Metric Halo – Haloverb – “Flash Sale Extended!”

Our friends at Metric Halo are having great promotions, they have decided to extend the ‘FLASH SALE’ on their Haloverb plug-in, at ONLY $25 (MSRP $179). The promotion Now Ends Monday, October 3rd, 2016.

HaloVerb is a plug-in that allows you to add ambience and depth to your recordings. Based on the original HaloVerb hardware implementation for 2d-Expanded Metric Halo interfaces, the HaloVerb plug-in expands on the great algorithmic sound to give you more flexibilty and control. Use the reverb impulse to see the reverberant field as you make adjustments, or hide the graphics and let your ears be your guide.

Add subtle ambience or generate the sound of a vintage echo chamber – the extensive presets and easy to use UI let you dial in the sound you want quickly.

Metric Halo “Haloverb” is available for ONLY $25!!! at The DontCrack Store.

Metric Halo Haloverb

Or, pick it up as part of the Production Bundle.
Currently on promo at a mere $299 (MSRP $699). A fantastic saving of $400!!!

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Flux:: Solera and Alchemist for 60% OFF!

Here’s a once in a life-time chance to get the dynamics processors the pros use!

The plug-ins of our long-standing partner Flux:: have been the choice of the top studios for years. Their plug-ins are used on countless productions that you hear everywhere. The Solera and Alchemist dynamics processors are in a class of their own and for the first time they are on sale at a price you can’t afford to miss out on!

From today until Monday October 10th you can get Solera and Alchemist at 60% OFF!

You owe it to yourself to investigate how incredible these plug-ins are. Request a trial license Now!

Here’s your chance to get the powerful Dynamics your music deserves!

The Solera v3 and Alchemist v3, designed for the ultimate sound perfection with a superior workflow, are used daily by the most demanding Mastering, Music, and Post Production Engineers all over the world on everything from Grammy awarded billboard hits and albums to Academy Award-winning movies.

Solera is available for $119 (MSRP $299) on The DontCrack Store.

Alchemist is available for $279 (MSRP $699) on The DontCrack Store.

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50% off Eventide’s Quadravox !

An Eventide promo is always worthy of attention!

This one is for 50% off on one of their coolest products, Quadravox.

Eventide is the inventor and master of everything that has to with Pitch-shifting. There is still no one out there who does it as well.

Quadravox uses this technology and lets you take any incoming tones and generate up to four voices based on the chosen key and timing interval. It’s optimized for multiple instances so your tracks can interact with each other by way of beautiful harmonies and groovy sequences. You could even make the drums sing in harmony if you want to!

Play around with it and explore its creative power by demoing Quadravox Now!

Quadravox is available at only $49! (MSRP $99) on the DontCrack Store.

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Metric Halo – Dirty Delay – “3 Day Flash Sale!”

Our friends at Metric Halo are having a super 3 day ‘FLASH SALE’ on their Dirty Delay plug-in, at ONLY $25 (MSRP $179). The promotion starts TODAY! and ends this Sunday, September 18th, 2016.

MH Dirty Delay is a fantastic-sounding feedback delay processor with integrated Character and Filters in the delay path. Use it to create awesome vintage echo and tape-delay style sounds as well as create lush and subtle spaces in a mix.

Not just a musical feedback delay, MH Dirty Delay is something special. With integrated Filters and Character in the feedback path, you can make it clean or dirty, vintage or futuristic, subtle or nasty.

With dual delay lines, crossfeed, feedback and distortion control, Dirty Delay is capable of creating extraordinarily rich and complex textures and patterns from your audio. Dirty Delay adds texture and movement without the veiling and darkening of the sound that is often associated with feedback delays.

Metric Halo “Dirty Delay” is available for ONLY $25!!! at The DontCrack Store.

Metric Halo Dirty Delay

Or, pick it up as part of the Production Bundle.
Currently on promo at a mere $299 (MSRP $699). A fantastic saving of $400!!!

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Sonnox – MASSIVE 50% OFF on ALL Bundles !

Hey guys and girlz,

What more can we say about this one… It’s that the AMAZING Sonnox Plug-ins have been used on countless hit records in the past 20 years…

If you’ve never used or even tried Sonnox Plug-ins, do yourself a favour and Download Them Now!

All Sonnox bundles are actually available from the DontCrack Store with a MASSIVE 50% Discount.

Perhaps the best buy you’ll make this year ;-)

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Nugen Audio upgrades Halo Upmix for Multichannel inputs!

Nugen Audio has introduced a ‘significant’ upgrade to Halo Upmix, its plug-in for upmixing stereo audio to surround sound, at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.

With the newest version, Halo Upmix now enables multichannel-to-multichannel upmixing, delivering new levels of versatility and time savings in the production of surround audio.

Available in Avid AAX, VST, and AU formats, Halo Upmix automates the creation of a stereo-to-surround, downmix-compatible upmix with unique centre-channel management and spatial density controls.

The latest version of the plug-in adds a new set of algorithms for upmixing from multichannel audio (LCR, Quad (4.0), 5.0, 5.1, 7.0 and 7.1) to either 5.1, 7.1, or 9.1 (7.1.2). This expanded multichannel support means that Halo Upmix users have an even broader array of options for upmixing, while the upgrade also includes other modifications designed to enhance user operability and finesse the interface customisation process.

Earlier this year, the company introduced a 9.1 option for Halo Upmix that allows the introduction of a vertical dimension into the upmix, generating a 7.1.2 (Dolby Atmos) bed-track-compatible upmix.

“Since its launch at IBC2015, Halo Upmix has received widespread industry acclaim — helping producers tackle a wide range of upmixing tasks easily and intuitively without compromising quality. And at this year’s NAB Show, we became one of the first companies to introduce a 9.1 upmix option,” said Jon Schorah, founder and creative director, Nugen Audio. “Now, with the new multichannel-to-multichannel features, Halo Upmix offers even greater support for audio professionals in surround production and provides the control and flexibility needed for surround upmixing at the highest level.”

The multichannel-to-multichannel upmixing capability will be a free upgrade for existing Halo Upmix customers and is being demonstrated on Nugen’s stand 8.D56 at IBC2016.

Halo Upmix is available for $499 on The DontCrack Store.

The 9.1 extension for Halo Upmix is $199 on the The DontCrack Store.

Here is a great video from ProTools Expert explaining the Halo Upmix.

Halo Upmix

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You asked for a “Magnetics Bundle II” Promo and here it is, ONLY $49!!!

Following the acquisition of the Nomad Factory brand and the succesful launch of 3 great new products since January 2016 (Bus Driver, Drum Tools and AS-Rack), many of you asked if we could run a crazy promo on Nomad Factory’s best selling product, The “Magnetics Bundle II” and so… We did it!

From today and throughout September, the acclaimed Magnetics Bundle II will be available on promotion at the no brainer price of ONLY $49 (MSRP $299), and we have made each individual plug-in (Magnetic II, Cosmos and Echoes) available at ONLY $29 each (MSRP $129)!

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BeatSkillz Release Slam Pro & Offer Slam Dawg “Free” For a Limited Time!

BeatSkillz, a company gaining ground with great mix tool centric plug-ins have proudly released their new Slam Pro plug-in, and today announce an offer and incredible promo…

“FREE” Slam Dawg plug-in included with your Slam Pro Bundle purchase, until September 30th, 2016! A total combined value of $250!


SLAM PRO is a Mix Phattener Processor with control over the Bass Section, Presence and Air, Compression, Saturation, Stereo Width and Loudness of your track. All these sections of this amazing plug-in come with selections for different “Flavours”.

Features :

  • Bass Enhancer
  • 3 Saturation Modes (Heat)
  • 3 Mid/High End Precense Control Modes
  • 4 Compression Modes (Pop)
  • Crush Limiter
  • Level Maximizer
  • Stereo Enhancer
  • Wey/Dry Mix Control

All musicans and producers have different tastes and different genres of tracks that they create, hence wny BeatSkillz created the ultimate channel strip with 3 knobs for controlling the Sub Bass, Thump & Low Boom of the channel or mix. There are 3 Flavours of Heat ( Saturation ), 3 types of AIRZ or High Frequency & presence control, and 4 types of POP Compression suitable for the entire mix and drums/instruments/synths & sampler sounds. A “Crush” Limiter and Loudness Maximizer are also provided to keep you from overloading whilst raising your levels to match that reference material curently charting.

Slam Pro is a simple yet powerful tool with the just the right controls to dial in the sound that you desire!

Slam Pro

The Slam Pro Bundle is available on promotion until September 30th, for ONLY $79!!! And, it comes with Slam Dawg absolutely “FREE” for this period, at The DontCrack Store.

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