5 000 Plug and Mix V.I.P. Bundles at ONLY $49

We are blowing out 5 000 Plug and Mix V.I.P. Bundles at ONLY $49 starting today ! (MSRP $249)
Why? Because we’re insane ? Probably a little, But really it’s because we’d like to have all the P&M users out there to have a REAL PAID license that offers full customer support and FREE lifetime UPGRADES…
Get your P&M V.I.P. Bundle today for ONLY $49 before we run out of this special stock ! And during this promotion, ALL the individual plug-ins are at ONLY $9.99 ! (MSRP $49)
Over 20 000 customers have purchased P&M plug-ins and have received FREE updates and upgrades since the beginning. The V.I.P. Bundle now includes 45 incredible plug-ins and more will be added to the collection by our following up on users requests.
Google “Plug & Mix” and read the great user testimonials posted on all the forums and blogs such as KVR, Gearslutz, MusicRadar, MotuNation, Audiofanzine and other great pro audio community sites that talk about P&M…
Add to the Likes on our Plug and Mix Facebook page. 25 000 people have already done it. ;-)
Enjoy !

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Acousticsamples Promo at -30% off !

Acousticsamples is having a very special 30% off Summer Sale unitl the 31st of August.

All the Instruments in the Acousticsamples catalogue is included in promotion, so if you ever wanted to add some beautiful new collections of highly expressive instruments, this is the moment!

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Acon Digital Multiply Chorus Effect released – get it for Free!

Acon Digital are pleased to announce that they have released the plug-in Multiply and they are giving it away for FREE !

Multiply is a versatile chorus effect with a unique twist. This plug-in is an entry in the KVR Audio Developer Contest 2014.

The full version of Acon Digital Multiply is available for both Windows (PC) and OS X (Macintosh) completely free of charge. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are available, and the plug-in formats VST, AAX and Audio Units (MAC OS X only) are supported.

If you use and enjoy Multiply, please give Acon Digital your vote!

To find out more about it we have a great video from Russ at Pro Tools Expert here.

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Plugin Alliance Summer Sale

Plugin Alliance has a “Summer Sale” going on from the 14th of July until the 14th of August where you can save up to 75% on your favourite Brainworx, Elysia, and SPL products.

If you were thinking of getting any of these great products, now is the time.

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Sonnox Summer Madness!

Like you, Sonnox is happy that summer is here with the warm weather and to celebrate that they are offering 35% Off Sonnox plug-ins and bundles until August 31st 2014.

So if you are not at the beach and you were thinking of getting some Sonnox plug-ins, now is the time.

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New from Waves, Dave Clarke EMP Toolbox!

Waves EMP, the electronic music production division of Waves Audio, has announced the availability of the Dave Clarke EMP Toolbox plugin collection. Created in collaboration DJ/Producer Dave Clarke, this is the third bundle released in Waves’ new EMP product line.

Declared “The Baron of Techno” by legendary BBC Radio presenter John Peel, Dave Clarke has been among the top tier of global techno DJs and producers of the past two decades. He is one of the few artists able to command the respect of discerning listeners everywhere, from massive outdoor festivals such as Tomorrowland to the grittiest clubs of the underground scene.

In addition to producing his own brand of hard-spun beats, Dave is also a devoted fan of electronic music, with an uncanny ability to put together a perfect mix of tracks by his peers, earning him widespread popularity as a radio DJ with his long-running radio show White Noise.

This new bundle includes:

  • Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter
  • API 560
  • Dorrough Stereo
  • LoAir
  • Kramer Master Tape
  • MetaFlanger
  • Scheps 73
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    5 day sale of UVI Premium Instruments at $99

    Until Tuesday the 12th of August the following premium instruments from UVI are on sale at the super price of $99!

  • Synths Anthology
  • Beatbox Anthology
  • Plug Sound Pro
  • Jazzistic
  • Digital Synsations
  • Percussion Store
  • Xtreme FX
  • Ultramini
  • UVX-10P
  • Emulation One
  • Retro Organs
  • UVX-3P
  • Mayhem of Loops
  • World Traditions
  • String Machines
  • WaveFrame Sound Collection
  • Spirit of Gongs
  • MachFive Biosphere
  • Mello
  • Be quick and get some great savings on these collections that normally costs up to $199.

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    Sonnox announces Oxford SuprEsser DS!

    The Oxford SuprEsser DS is a highly-featured professional De-Esser AAX DSP plug-in for use with Avid S3L live consoles and Pro Tools|HDX. With its low latency of sub 2ms, SuprEsser DS is perfect for live applications or live tracking in Pro Tools.

    There is a simple mode for quick fixes, but also an advanced mode for increased functionality and fine-tuning. The combination of an intuitive FFT display and three listen modes enables the user to easily see and hear exactly where the problem frequencies are, allowing the rapid reduction or removal of the offending audio.

    Additional features include Automatic Level Tracking, Linear Phase Filtering and a Wet/Dry blend control for final balancing.

    Highly featured professional De-Esser
    Linear Phase Dynamic EQ
    Operates from 1kHz – 20kHz
    Latency of 1.9ms (at 48kHz sample rate)
    Supported Sample Rates: 44.1 and 48kHz
    Transparently controls aggressive frequencies
    Automatic Level Tracking follows energy levels (no need to automate threshold)
    Large intuitive graphic display makes finding frequencies very easy
    Three different ‘Listen’ modes
    Advanced Mode for ultimate control of the Dynamic EQ
    Many creative as well as corrective uses
    64-bit compliant
    Presets giving good starting points

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    MeldaProduction products now on the DontCrack store!

    We are proud to announce that the entire product range of MeldaProduction effects and instruments has recently been added to the DontCrack store.

    And MeldaProduction has updated all their effect plugins, providing several optimizations, improvements and fixes as well as AAX Native compatibility for ProTools 11 users.

    They have also added a brand new product, the MTransient!

    Here is a partial list of the changes in the most recent updates:

  • Improved performance on Mac OS X.
  • Improved visual response of metering systems, mainly sonograms.
  • Improved preset window layout.
  • Added switch to show loudness maximum to all loudness meters.
  • Improved ADSR editor.
  • Added MTransient plugin.
  • Added a completely new level-independent pristine sounding processing engine to MMultiBandTransient.
  • Added AAX support.
  • Plugins now display name of current preset.
  • Resolution of all time graphs can now be as low as 0.02ms (single sample resolution in 44kHz).
  • Added link-grid feature to MAutoDynamicEq, MDynamicEq and MRotary, which lets you use levels of any channel in any channel.
  • Added support for 64-bit WAV files.
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    XILS-lab has announced the release of XILS DeeS

    XILS-lab has announced the release of XILS DeeS, a new transparent de-esser plug-in for 32- and 64-bit Mac OS X and Windows in VST, Audio Unit, RTAS and AAX plug-in formats.

    With the help of XILS DeeS you can get rid of all voice recordings faults and problems in a flash, while preserving their unique, precious character.

    XILS DeeS in short:

    Easy to use : Find the sweet spot in a flash and remove all unwanted signals. Just move the Frequency Knob and apply Reduction. No more sibilance.

    Easy to understand : Clear Dual Signal path. Solo buttons for each channel ( Voice, Sibilants )

    Visualize what you do : Instant Correlation between ears, eye and brain in a glance with the fast, precise 4 signals real time Frequency Graph ( Bottom of unit )

    Easy to tweak : Go further and adapt the character of a voice to your project. Or make special effects and creative use of the DeeS

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