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    Gmorgan gmorgan

    Gmorgan is a rhythm station made for play in real time with an external MIDI keyboard like a professional rhythm station, uses the advantages of ALSA sequencer to do that. Also is a pattern based sequencer.

    gmorgan generates MIDI accompaniment and can be "routed" via Midi to any device. gmorgan is released with General Midi configuration but is fully configurable for use with all MIDI capable devices.

    gmorgan uses patterns, loads 500 patterns in memory, patterns are editable in the window pattern edit. Also you can load, save banks of 500 patterns or one by one.

    gmorgan uses styles and patterns for perform in real time, loads 100 styles in memory and also can be edited, load or saved in banks or one by one.

    gmorgan uses sounds for perform in real time for the left and right part of the keyboard, loads 100 sounds and can be edited load or saved.

    Record - Play :
    gmorgan can record all of what you play in real time plus the accompaniment generated.

    gmorgan load and save all of what you play in real time plus the accompaniment in a gmorgan song file format

    Virtual accompaniment keyboard:
    gmorgan has a virtual accompaniment keyboard for generate chords with the mouse and. the computer keyboard.

    You can generate the accompaniment in the sequencer window only putting the name of the chords in the bars.

    Export MIDI files:
    gmorgan exports MIDI files of your songs (played in real time) and also for the songs made in the sequencer for bring to you the possibility to edit in a professional sequencer.

    Import MIDI files as Patterns:
    gmorgan converts MIDI file to the pattern internal format, then you can import your favorite patterns generated with other instruments.

    Pattern Library BD:
    gmorgan has a small BD, up to 18 separate parts of patterns can be stored by musical styles.

    gmorgan has the possibility to add your own skins for the program, see the documentation to edit.

    gmorgan is internationalized with gettext, available languages are Spanish ,French and German, hope soon can we add more.


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