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    vintage delay

    Togu Audio Line TAL-Dub

    TAL-Dub is a vintage style delay effect. It can be used for a wide range of delay effects from clean to extreme distorted, resonating never ending delays :-)

    - 12dB resonance filter
    - Low cut filter
    - Maximal 4 Seconds delay time
    - Limiter with distortion for rising feedbacks or loud inputs
    - Delay time and feedback for each channel (linkable)
    - Input signal swap (L/R swap)
    - Filter feedback and filter fx mode (filter in feedback path or as post fx)
    - Filter mode for input (input signal will be filtered too)
    - Easy to use midi learn


      Mac Universal Binary TAL-Dub 1.1.2  Freeware    AU, VST Download TAL-Dub 1.1.2 Download   
      Mac Universal Binary TAL-Dub 1.1.0b  Freeware    AU Download TAL-Dub 1.1.0b Download   
      Mac Universal Binary TAL-Dub 1.1.0  Freeware    VST Download TAL-Dub 1.1.0 Download   
      Windows XP TAL-Dub 1.1.2  Freeware    VST Download TAL-Dub 1.1.2 Download   
      Mac Universal Binary TAL-Dub 1.0.2  Freeware    VST Download TAL-Dub 1.0.2 Download   

    Freeware by Togu Audio Line

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    Togu Audio LineTogu Audio Line
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