Delivering Mixes to Streaming Websites? This is What you Need!

The Modern Mastering bundle is on promo at $299 (MSRP $550) exclusively here at DontCrack.

It is a nightmare to deal with the numerous codecs and file formats available to upload mixes on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

We discussed this with our friends at Nugen Audio and they kindly provided us with a complete and comprehensive bundle of 3 plugins that will give you the tools to get the optimal settings to upload your mixes and videos on streaming websites with complete peace of mind.

Last year, over 400 billion song streams were logged in the USA alone via services such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. In 2015, revenue from music streaming platforms surpassed that of downloads, CD’s and vinyl combined. Your work need to be at its best to compete in all these formats.

Streaming uses codecs. People are not listening to your superb .wav or aiff files, they are listening to AAC and Ogg Vorbis files. These files don’t behave as nicely as the audio in your DAW.

What sounds great on your studio monitors may not sound the same at all once your audio has been encoded end compressed by streaming platforms. They’re all different which makes things even more difficult to predict how they will turn out. It is therefore essential that you fully understand and audition what is happening to your work before you upload your mixes to one or several streaming websites. It is also important to make sure your final audio files have optimal levels for each platform’s downstream.

Codecs may not correctly handle your audio if your mixes or masters are not well optimised or “prepared” for them. They may therefore lead to distortion or other unwanted artefacts in the stream that are not present in the original master files. You therefore need to have the right tools to analyse and encode your master files to make them fully compliant with the streaming platform’s codecs.

Nugen Audio’s “Modern Mastering bundle” is the ‘must have’ toolkit to deliver perfectly mastered audio files to all major streaming platforms with total confidence.

The “Modern Mastering bundle” contains:

MasterCheck Pro

Using a real-time encoding plug-in, such as MasterCheck Pro, allows you to regain control over your levels. Monitoring several codecs simultaneously from within your DAW lets you make informed choices about how to handle peak audio levels for optimal playback across the streaming platforms.

All streaming services employ codecs to reduce the bandwidth required to deliver music to the listener. Listening to these codecs, it becomes clear that there is a big quality difference between the different codecs and bandwidths available. MasterCheck Pro lets you hear these problems in real time and correct them.

ISL 2st

If you are using a limiter, you will have a true-peak limiter at the end of your chain, the ISL 2st. The harder you push a sample peak limiter, the more likely you are to introduce inter-sample peaks. Remember, you won’t necessarily hear the problem in your session (unless you are monitoring an encoding process through MasterCheck Pro of course!). Your DAW will happily run at a high bit depth, using floating point calculations giving a headroom way in excess of any sensible requirement. The problems only appear as you export your mix and encode for streaming!


Visualizer gives you indispensable audio analysis for quality audio production, with a standardised reference set of professional tools that let you work faster, avoid mistakes, repeat past success and leverage the success of others.

Visualizer’s unique intelligent window facility lets you select multiple view combinations, automatically resizing and aligning windows to maximise legibility and cross referencing information across screens. No need to switch between plugins to get the combination of views you want. User configurable presets let you switch instantly between setups and interface sizes to build the workflow that suits you.

From today until the end of August you can get this amazing bundle consisting of MasterCheck Pro, ISL 2st and Visualizer. It allows you to pre-audition and correct levels for the targeted streaming services. You can hear EXACTLY what your tracks will sound like on Youtube, Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music, and be assured of total satisfaction for yourself and your followers.

These 3 product sold separately would cost you $550 but during our EXCLUSIVE promo these are made available for only $299! That is 45% off list for a very useful toolset that can solve many tricky and problematic situations and save you a lot of frustration.

Modern Mastering bundle Video

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