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    Metering and analysis tools

    Avid SignalTools

    SignalTools is a suite of multi-channel metering and analysis tools included in the free DigiRack plug-in collection. Compatible with all Pro Tools® systems and VENUE, SignalTools includes the redesigned SurroundScope plug-in and introduces the new PhaseScope plug-in. With a comprehensive set of features, an easy-to-use interface, and capabilities for hands-on operation, SignalTools plug-ins give you the tools you need for precise level control and phase coherence—live or in the studio.

    SurroundScope and PhaseScope include support for different meter types (RMS, Peak, VU, and more), peak hold preferences, and Leq(A) metering. Ideal for surround mixing, the SurroundScope plug-in shows a graphical representation of signal levels for each audio channel in the multi-channel sound field. PhaseScope, on the other hand, is invaluable when comparing the output phase of a stereo track or any two streams of a multi-channel output where perceptual coding might take place.

    SignalTools are invaluable for achieving more accurate mixes. The simplified user interface makes it easy to select channels for Leq(A) or phase comparison—just click on the channel buttons surrounding the display to focus the meters. The scales and other parameters can be addressed from a mixing worksurface such as Digidesign's ICON, Control|24 , or Command|8® for maximum convenience.

    - Two plug-ins: All new SurroundScope and PhaseScope
    - Animated displays show phase, surround levels, peak, and Leq(A) metering
    - Flexible metering options (Peak, RMS, VU, BBC, DIN, Nordic, Peak + RMS, and VENUE) with peak hold preferences
    - Industry-standard Leq(A) metering with individual channel selectors and user adjustable window measurement lengths
    - Multi-channel support when used with Pro Tools HD software
    - High-resolution processing up to 192 kHz
    - Tight integration with Digidesign control surfaces and VENUE live sound environment
    - Optimized for maximum CPU and DSP usage
    - Available in TDM and RTAS® formats


      Mac Intel SignalTools 10.2  Freeware    RTAS, TDM Download SignalTools 10.2 Download   
      Windows XP SignalTools 10.2  Freeware    RTAS, TDM Download SignalTools 10.2 Download   
      Windows XP SignalTools 7.2  Freeware    RTAS Download SignalTools 7.2 Download   
      Mac Universal Binary SignalTools 7.2  Freeware    RTAS Download SignalTools 7.2 Download   

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